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Well. Here we are eight months later. I am closer to making next year’s resolutions than I am to facing this year’s resolutions. How are things going? Let’s talk about it.  For a full look back on my goals, go here.

1-Be More Grateful

I feel like I am doing better at being more grateful and looking for the positive. That is a good thing, but I feel like I could be further if I were doing what I intended to do: write three things to be grateful for each day. The brain can be rewired based on where you focus your feelings, so I really want to put more effort into literally focusing on positive each day. 

2-Be Smarter

On the piano front, I decided to not do the piano this Fall. I thought it would be better to wait and be sure I have time to dedicate to practicing. Brinley is going to Kindergarten this fall, but it is half day. I have no idea how much time that will actually give me. So I am going to wait and see. The piano may be a next year thing.

I have been reading books to help me gain knowledge in various areas.

3-Create Welcome Pack for New Swim Team Members

Check! This was done last winter. So I am good there.

4-Clean Out Storage Room

Ummm…I forgot about this goal! I need to get that done ASAP! 

5-Write in Journal Weekly

This is hit or miss. I am better than I was a year ago, so I will have happiness about that, but I would still like to improve. 

6-Finish Our Home Addition

We are continuing work on this šŸ™‚ Our main room is all done (as you have seen if you follow me on Instagram), but we still have a laundry room and a basement. And turning the old family room into a bedroom. Plenty of work ahead. 

If you would like to join in on the accountability, share how your goals are going. If you don’t want to publicly share, at least think about it for a bit and self-evaluate. 

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