The Happiest Baby on the Block: Conclusion


The Happiest Baby on the Block finishes up with a conclusion, medical reasons to call the doctor, and a new parent’s survival guide.

Overall, this is not a book I would recommend to anyone to read. If you have a baby who has colic and you need ideas on how to soothe him, the book might be of use to you. As many readers have told me, the 5 S’s can really help. I have said it many times and will say it again, if you are only interested in the 5 S’s, you might prefer the DVD.

I have started to read The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems, and there have been a couple of statements by Hogg that have stood out to me in light of this book. One thing found in chapter one is that Hogg briefly mentions mimicking the womb for baby, but describes the womb differently. She describes it as dark and quiet, which is different from Karp. She does, however, advocate swaddling in order to mimick the womb.

Hogg also says, “We know, for example, babies of depressed mothers tend to cry more themselves” (page 32). This is something Karp states as not being true. I tend to agree with Hogg. The saying, “If Mama ain’t happyn, ain’t nobody happy” is a saying for a reason. Mom really sets the tone for the mood in the home.

If your baby is a Babywise baby and does not have colic or extreme fussiness, I doubt you would find any enjoyment from this book.

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5 thoughts on “The Happiest Baby on the Block: Conclusion”

  1. I thought it was really interesting that when I had my baby 5 months ago, you could rent the Happiest Baby on the Block video to watch from your room on the Mother Baby Unit in our hospital. At one point during our hospital stay, when my LO was crying hard, one of the nurses swooped him up and started doing the shh-ing from the video. I ended up renting the video when I got home from the hospital, because my baby was having a hard time sleeping. I followed a lot of the tips, and I think using these techniques became major sleep props for him and it took me a couple months to realize this. I wish my hospital had also had information on Babywise! If I had known about Babywise early on, I definitely would have gotten my baby off to a better start. I do agree, though, that The Happiest Baby on the Block techniques would be good for a colicky baby.

  2. Happiest Baby on the Block was actually one of the “recommended videos” that we watched before we were discharged from the hospital. The shh-ing is the only thing we actually found very helpful…oh,and swaddling.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Jeannie. It seems like Happiest Baby On The Block is kind of a “fad” in some places.

  4. Jamie,That is what I have consistently heard from readers. Only the shh-ing and swaddling have been of use to them.

  5. The womb is NOT quiet and dark!! Happiest baby on the block is right about that. It is extremely loud– the heart beating, the stomach digesting, the blood pumping…. some doctors say it is the equivilent to a vacuum cleaner in decibels!


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