The Happiest Baby on the Block: Sleep


Chapter 16 in The Happiest Baby on the Block is all about sleep. Karp talks about sleep transitions. He says sleep transitions happen every 60 minutes (page 219). I have always read it is every 40-45 minutes; whatever it is for your baby, Karp points out that a poor self-calmer will usually wake up at this transition (see this post for more on transitions: Baby Whisperer: Sleep Transitions). Here are some things Karp recommends to help baby sleep better (these are his 5 S’s):

  • Swaddle
  • White noise
  • Swing

Karp points out to only have baby sleep on back and that a pacifier can help baby fall asleep, but not stay asleep (page 217). Karp recommends you only use these S’s until three months of age, then it is time to wean baby and put him to bed awake.

Karp recommends you first wean the sucking (page 218). Second is swinging. Third is swaddling. Finally, the Shh… (white noise).

Karp continues this chapter with information on scheduling and co-sleeping. I figure that information is not of interest to most readers here, so if it is of interest to you, you can read the book :).

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