How I Do It: Relax


Um….I really don’t do a good job at this. I do find my hobbies relaxing to an extent, but I don’t think I would categorize “sewing” as relaxing. It isn’t refreshing physically–though it can be nice mentally.

I kind of view relaxing as reading. Doing nothing (do you love the picture above? I might have to do that tactic to get relaxing in). I don’t mean “relax” as it is often used in context of telling someone to stop stressing. I am not the stress type. I am the “doesn’t know when to stop” type.

In theory, I should relax on Sunday because it is a day of rest. Well, I don’t watch Television. We don’t shop at all on Sundays. We do our best to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Any mom of small children will tell you, however, that Sunday is not really a “day of rest.” Getting your children ready for church, keeping them good at church, and then making sure the day is spent being “holy” doesn’t really translate to the most restful day of the week. I often find it the most exhausting, in fact.

I study my scriptures daily and that is rejuvenating and I think that could be justified into some “relaxation” time.

So anyway…my husband often orders me to relax and I don’t listen well. My mom also tries that on me when I am pregnant. I think it took her until my fourth pregnancy before I really listened. A little.

So I am turning to you readers. How do you relax? What do you do to relax? How often do you fit it in? How do you fit it in? I need your ideas! I am talking about you time. I take time for family activities. I take time for dates with my husband–I am just talking me relaxing. I think I need to improve in this area to be a more balanced person. So bring on your ideas! Thank you!

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