How to Choose the Right L’ange Curling Wand For You

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How to choose the right L’ANGE curling wand for your hair type. Know which size and which material to get for your hair.

How to Choose the Right Curling Wand For You

I have only been using a curling wand for six months, but I am completely in love with it! I love tools that help me to look great in a short amount of time, and a curling wand definitely does that. I can curl my hair in about ten minutes and it looks like I spent a whole lot longer getting ready.

I did a lot of researching before settling on a curling wand. I could have gone with a very cheap one, and almost did, but my husband talked me out of it. He is all about getting good quality tools for the job you are doing, and I realized all that would happen is I would get a cheap wand and eventually buy a nice one and would have spent more money than I needed to overall AND I would have clutter because I would have a hard time getting rid of the cheap wand. I just struggle getting rid of things that work (you never know!).

So after some searching, I settled on a wand from L’ANGE (affiliate link). I love it! The curls last so well that it saves me even more time on my second day hair. I got a couple of wands and some hair products and loved it all. I loved them so much I approached them and asked if I could work with them. If you click to their website through my link, you will get 50% off at checkout (if it isn’t working for some odd reason, enter code “Babywise” when you are at checkout).

There are so many great options from L’ANGE that it can be hard to decide what type to get. Titanium or ceramic? 25 MM or 32 MM? Here are some tips when choosing your wand size and wand type.

How to Choose Your Curling Wand


You first need to decide what material to go for.


How to Choose the Right Curling Wand For YouWhen in doubt, go with titanium. We have a lot of different hair types in our house and the titanium universally works best on every person’s hair. It is especially good for:

  • Hard to curl hair (even if it is fine)
  • Coarse hair


Ceramic gets to the same temperature as the titanium, it just delivers the heat differently. Ceramic is good for:

  • Easy to curl hair
  • Damaged hair

I have both titanium and ceramic. My hair is easy to curl, so they both work well on my hair, however, my daughter has hard to curl hair and the ceramic just doesn’t work. I will also say that when I use titanium, my second day curls are great, but with ceramic, I basically have to re-curl all of my second day curls.


The next big decision is the size of wand.

25 MM

The 25MM is the smaller of the two sizes. When in doubt, go for the 25MM. I think this is a great first-size for everyone. It is ideal for:

  • Shoulder length or shorter hair
  • Breast or shorter hair
  • Curls that last longer

My girls all have hair to their waist and this is the size of choice for all of them. This is a versital size–you can go for tight curls or for looser curls just by changing the size of the chunk of hair you wrap around the wand.

32 MM

The 32MM is the larger of the two sizes. This is ideal for:

  • Breast or longer hair
  • Looser curls
  • Beachy look (if you have the longer hair)

This size gives a very different look, and I personally use both weekly. My advice is to start with the 25 unless you are absolutely sure you only want more relaxed curls or your hair is very long.


As if the sizes and material weren’t enough of an agonizing decision, there are different styles.


This is the basic wand and is less expensive. It has one heat setting at 410 degrees. That is the ideal temp for most hair types, so it works well.


How to Choose the Right Curling Wand For You




The Lustre is more expensive but has more features. The heat temps range from 170-450 degrees, so if 410 doesn’t work well for your hair, you can try other temperatures. This has a cool tip end to help you prevent yourself from burning yourself. It has an automatic shut-off so it will turn off after being on so long.

How to Choose the Right Curling Wand For You


Heat Shield

You want to use a heat shield with this hot of temperatures. A full product discussion is a post for another day, but the heat shield is a must for protecting your hair.

Heat Protectant for Hair

L’ange Hair Products

See my post for a full L’ange hair product review.

Curling Wand Video Tutorial

Watch my video on how to curl your hair with a curling wand here.

How To Curl Your Hair With a Curling Wand



How to Choose the Right Curling Wand For You


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    February 26, 2018 / 2:00 PM

    I absolutely LOVE my 25mm Lange curling wand!!! And their heat shield is a must for my fine hair; plus it smells great.

  2. Carolyn Simonelli
    January 27, 2019 / 12:31 PM

    I ordered the 32mm Lange wand in ceramic, I have a wave to my hair (its thin but have a lot of it) so I bought the ceramic. fearing i should have purchased the titanium instead?

    • January 30, 2019 / 7:00 AM

      If it curls easily, the ceramic should be great. I am thinking I will do a video of me using both wands so people can see the two used side by side.

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