If you did blanket time, how long of consistent practice did it take for baby to do it well?


One Week or Less: 12 votes (17%)
2-3 Weeks: 13 votes (18%)
One Month: 3 votes (4%)
1-2 Months: 3 votes (4%)
More Than 2 Months: 11 votes (15%)
Not There Yet : 28 votes (40%)

Total of 70 votes


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2 thoughts on “If you did blanket time, how long of consistent practice did it take for baby to do it well?”

  1. I have just started doing blanket time with my son who is 10 months and I was wondering how close to sit to him and how much interaction I should be having with him. I have been initiating play when he is attempting to get off the blanket in order to distract him from escaping. Also, he has been throwing his toys off of the blanket and wanting to go after them so I have been putting them back on the blanket. I don't want him to think this is the game…he throws them and mommy gets them….but if he throws them off then he has no toys to play with…..has anyone had this problem??

  2. Sereh, at first, I sat right by the blanket so I could immediately put McKenna back on if she moved off. Over time, I moved away and now move around the room while she does it.Thi sis supposed to be an independent play situation, so I wouldn't interact much, and over time remove the interaction other than telling him to get back on the blanket.I am not sure about the toy throwing. I think some moms might put them on. Others would take them and he would soon learn it isn't fun to sit without toys. You will have to judge how much of it is him pulling you in for interaction and how much he can understand.


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