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We have had quite the weekend here. My children and I are all very, very sick. I was hospitalized with extreme dehydration; luckily the kids haven’t gotten that bad.

I wanted to share some things about this weekend that illustrate concepts I have written about in the past.

One thing, I am so glad that my children are well-trained in how to sleep. Despite their sickness, they have napped and slept well at night. That is good for them and my husband and I. Friday night, I had passed out a couple of times and hit my head and various things (it has been bad). My husband decided to take me to the emergency room. He called some friends to come over while we were gone. It was about 11:00 PM. He went to check on the kids before we left and must have gone in Kaitlyn’s room right at a transition. She woke up, sat up, looked at him, and threw up all over her bed. He took her down to me while he changed her sheets. In the meantime, our friends got here. She was a bit weary of them. Once her sheets were changed, my husband took her right back up to bed where she went to sleep without a peep. I was so glad that she was so well trained and able to go right back to sleep without problems. I was able to go to the hospital without worrying (too much) about her.

Another thing I am glad for is that I have given her a bottle with formula once a week from a young age. I have always done that in case of some emergency. With this sickness, Kaitlyn is still nursing, but is not interested in the least in any solid foods. She will not eat them. So after offering the solids, my husband will make a bottle and see if she will drink that. Sometimes she will (at least once a day). It is good to get those extra nutrients into her. I never dreamed my “preparing for an emergency” would ever be needed, but I am ever glad I did.

Another thing we have done is in some ways let the schedule go. For example, Brayden slept until 9 AM this morning (new time). This is a first in his life. It isn’t that late if you consider it on old time, but I just let him sleep. Also, we are offering the kids little amounts of food throughout the day because they can’t eat much at a time and can’t keep much in them. We still have breakfast time, lunch time, etc. but offer snacks in between, as often as they need. Naptimes are remaining constant, but longer. Brayden isn’t having independent play–he is laying on the couch all day except for nap time and meal time.

Here is my experience. I have never been happier to have done Babywise. My children are sleeping well even though they are sick, and sleeping without the need of mom or dad. I have taken precautions in the past that are helping with the present. You will never be sorry to be prepared for the unexpected; the worst that will happen is that you are over-prepared. And we are relaxing the schedule as needed to accommodate our sick family. I sincerely wish health for all of you!

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7 thoughts on “In Action: Comforting Sick Children”

  1. Hi Val,Sorry to hear that your children and you have been ill.Our weather here has been erratic of late and many kids at church have fallen ill too. My son has also fallen ill with fever, blocked/running nose and cough since Sunday. Due to his illness, he hasn’t been able to nap well and wakes up 15-30 mins after falling asleep. I am not sure how it is going to be tonight as he has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks old.Being a first time mom with my son being ill for the 1st time just after he turned one year old, I am somewhat at a loss in relieving him of his ailments. What other natural remedies can I do apart from administering medicine. Could you share some of you experience at your convenience?In the meantime, take care & have a good rest.

  2. Thanks so much! We are all feeling much better today, though we are all pretty weak from our 4 day fast (you know, not self-inflicted)! With the fever, I would do Tylenol to bring it down. Here is my post on colds:Non-BW Tips and Tricks: Dealing with a Cold: see this post too:Comforting a Sick Toddler/Baby:

  3. Speaking of sick children….My son was recently diagnosed with a small case of Pneumonia (the only symptom being a fairly persistent cough). Before the cough started we had been doing great on babywise and he was sleeping 10 straight hours at night. However, once the cough started he would get all choked up at night when we put him down (literally to the point of gasping for air!) so I would rock him to sleep because I was so afraid he was going to choke to death otherwise. Anyhow, now he has gotten used to this new “method” of going to sleep and requires it at each bedtime/naptime. Last night was the second night that he has also added waking throughout the night back into our routine. I didn’t rock him (except for one time because he got chocked up again) and he would go back to sleep about 45 min to an hour after he woke. So, I guess my question is… how do I keep to babywise when he is sick in this way? I know that rocking him has likely been the culprit for all of this but I don’t know that I have had a choice. Any thoughts? It has been two weeks since his cough started and the babywise method seems to be slowly “disappearing” out from under us…I am so sad!

  4. See this post:Comforting a Sick Toddler/Baby: think you are doing the right thing. Once he is better, you can go back to your normal routine. It might take some retraining, but it shouldn’t be as hard in the long run as it was the first time (though the first day or two might be rough). This is a special circumstance. Hang in there! He should bounce back once he is healthy.

  5. Another great article that I read today. I learned so much with your post! It will be very helpful for me as I volunteer to children in our foundation because there are some kids there that are sick and weak.Thank you so much!


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