The Power of “Yes Mommy” In Action


I wanted to share how powerful “Yes Mommy” can be for those of you who aren’t enjoying the benefits of utilizing it.

Kaitlyn is a two year old. While she is quite obedient, she still has her battles dealing with her wanting to do everything herself and deciding when she will do it. Whenever she hesitates to obey me, I repeat my instruction and follow it with “say Yes Mommy.” So let’s say I have told her to come to me so I can help her get dressed. She looks at me and starts to tell me why she can’t come at the moment. I say, “Kaitlyn, come to Mommy so you can get dressed. Say Yes Mommy.” What is her reaction? She smiles a big smile, says “Yes, Mommy” and runs to me.

Does that sound powerful? Does it sound too good to be true? It works! For Kaitlyn, it is 100% effective. Now, she has grown up witnessing “Yes Mommy” with an older brother. She has also been told to say “Yes Mommy” for quite some time. I started this later in life with Brayden, but saw results so quickly that I was sure to use it with Kaitlyn from as early we could.

I have written on the power of this a few times. Even so, I am still shocked, amazed, and pleased at how well it works in getting my independent two year old to obey me. It is well worth your efforts!

How to Get Your Child to Obey with a Simple “Yes Mom”


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