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3 thoughts on “Babywise Information”

  1. My newborn grandbaby is now two weeks old. Her mom and I are stumped though! We've combed through Baby Wise and couldn't find the answer. The baby had her feeding and her awake time (3 hour schedule) then we laid her down. Realizing that it takes her a bit to fall asleep we laid her down with 15 minutes to fall asleep and and hour and a half for sleep. It took her an hour and fifteen minutes to fall asleep. She wasn't crying just awake. Are we supposed to wake her up now after the hour and a half "sleep" or are we supposed to let her sleep?

    • You could let her sleep an extra thirty minutes. You probably kept her up too long. A two week old should be awake 30-60 minutes tops including feeding times. Be sure to check out the posts on optimal waketime length.

  2. I have a question. My 16 week old son is doing great with the babywise schedule. We definitely have the eat wake sleep pattern down and he goes down for naps and bedtime very easily. I read that at 3 months they can drop their last feeding leaving 4-6 feedings during the day, resulting in longer awake time. Up until now I have been keeping him awake for about 1 1/2 hours before he goes down for a nap. He usually naps about an hour to an hour and a half. Sometimes more, sometimes less. My question is how do I know how long his awake time should be between naps now.Thank you for your help!


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