Knowing and Teaching the Final Desired Expectation {BFBN Discipline Week}

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Expectations are powerful things. We in the world of adults often look at children and have low expectations for them and their abilities. Much lower than than can actually provide. I am reminded of this each year after the students perform in the musical I direct. After each show, I get people who come to me, amazed at what our young students were able to pull off. They pull it off because we expect them to, and children have a habit of rising to expectations. 

Katrina is talking about how expectations relate to discipline on her blog today. She writes:

“In my journey to find our “discipline” method, and what works well for our family, I find myself coming back to the root of the idea: expectations. Without expectations, there would be no disciplinary action.

My husband and I believe in setting high expectations. We believe that, if we set high expectations, our daughter will rise to the challenge. I used the same idea when teaching high school, and I am a firm believer that it works. It not only provides a challenge for children that they are often longing for, it shows them that you believe in them.

In addition to setting high expectations, I think it is important to know the end goal. What is the final expectation, not the “right now expectation”? The final expectation is the real expectation that needs to be taught and focused on.”

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