Maintaining sleep schedules on vacation {BFBN Week}

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The first blogger you are hearing from today is Kimberly from Team Cartwright. Kimberly is talking about three important reasons she maintains a sleep schedule on vacation. I loved her first tip:

1) Children’s sleep needs don’t change on vacation.  This is sad but true.  I wish my son suddenly could go without a nap for a week every once in a while so we could get out and have a lot of fun.  But this isn’t the case.  Just because we are doing something different, it doesn’t mean he can skip important hours of rest.  If anything it means he needs more rest!  We are in a new, exciting situation.  There is more stimulation and less down time.  Kids need sleep just as much if not more during these times.  Busier days and more activities up the need for sleep, so I make sure my son gets it.

This is such a logical point–you can’t really argue that at all! Head on over to Team Cartwright to find out her other points.

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