My Goals and Resolutions for 2018

I love goals! I don’t know if I have ever completed all of my goals all of the way for any given year, but I do know making the goals has led to me making improvements I wouldn’t have made without the goals being set. I know a lot of people get discouraged and jaded by goal-setting because they look at it through the perspective of failure. I choose to see it through the perspective of progress. So despite my lack of perfection, I keep at it year after year. Here are my goals for this year. 

My Goals and Resolutions for 2018

1-Prioritize Time Better

This is a very encompassing goal and the one I hope to most succeed at this year. I want to be better about prioritizing my time spent each day. This will mean less “perusing” of social media, making sure scriptures come first consistently each day, and most importantly, being done “working” when my kids get home from school each day. Being a blogger means I have a never-ending task list. There is always more I can be doing, and it is easy to just keep at it as long as I can. I want to make sure I shut that all down when my kids get home. 

2-Finish My eBook

I am in the editing stage of a book on Naps! I want to finish that this year and get it out to you.

3-Write in Journal Weekly

This is a goal I made last year and was feeble at. My journal writing was better than it had been the year before, but still far from where I want it. So I am making this a goal again. Hopefully I can get better at it than I was last year. 

4-Start Piano Lessons

This one is scary for me. It is one of those pipe dreams I have had all of my life to know how to play the piano. I know it will be hard since I am not a child–kids learn faster than adults. I am concerned about being able to do two different things with my two hands…so we will see how it goes. This will not come until next fall. 

There we have it! The goals for 2018. 

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