My Goals for 2019

Happy 2019! Each year, I start off with a post on my goals for the upcoming year. I would encourage you to not be afraid of goals. Yes, you might fail at a goal if you make it. You also might succeed. Even if you only grow halfway into that goal, that is 50% more growth than you would have had without the goal. Here are my goals for this year.

1-Work Back Up To Exercise

This is a low-hanging fruit goal for me. I have been exercising 5-6 days a week consistently since 2010 with some brief interlude during Brinley’s pregnancy. Since my surgery back in November, I haven’t been allowed to exercise at my normal levels. It is good I wasn’t allowed because I haven’t physically felt up to it. As 2019 rolls in, I should be clear to get back into it and work back up to my previous routine. I am sure it will be a little rough for the first few weeks as I rebuild strength, but this is already an old habit, so I am confident this goal will stick.

2-Study the New Testament

This year, we will be studying the New Testament at great depth. I look forward to this and want to make it an official goal to help myself stay focused on really delving deep and learning all I can, as well as reading it in entirety this year. I will be using this New Testament study material.

3-Monthly Dates

Life has gotten quite busy lately. With that plus the surgery, we have fallen out of the habit of going on monthly dates with our children. I want to recommit to this.

I also want to do at least one monthly lunch date with a friend. One isn’t very many, but it is a manageable goal. It is always fun to be one on one with a friend and catch up.

4-Answer Blog Questions

There was a time when I answered every question that came my way. As this blog and therefore audience has grown, the number of questions has increased. Another difficulty with answering questions is the multiple number of platforms people ask them on. I have this blog, email, Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram…questions come from all angles and it is hard to get to so many in a timely manner. I am still not sure how exactly to go about this logistically, but I want to get back to being able to answer questions that come to me. I want to figure that out and execute.

I will start with prioritizing questions on this blog. The questions here are here forever. Just as you might now be benefiting from reading a question someone asked 10 years ago, someone 10 years from now might have your same question. I like that the questions asked and answered here are here for good so people can benefit from them long-term. So if you have a question you really, really want me to answer, post it on this blog.


Those are my big goals for this year! It is funny that so many of them are really goals to recommit to things I once had down so well. I think that is a very real spiral of life. We improve. We regress. As we improve in one area, we regress in another area. But then it is easier to add back in that thing we were good at while holding on to the other ground we made. Just keep on pushing forward!

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