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I have been using some products from the Napels Soap Company over the last month. The Napels Soap Company offers natural bath and body products. These products are great for those who like to go natural and especially for those with skin issues like eczema or acne. This company was started by a mom whose daughter was born with the same skin issues she had always suffered with (like eczema) and she didn’t want her daughter to have to go through that. They sent me these products for free and asked that I review them.


One product I have been using is the Unscented Sea Salt Soap. I have loved using it on my face especially. It gets my face super clean–literally squeaky clean. I would highly recommend their sea salt soaps! They do have scented if you would prefer that.


Another product I am loving is the Unscented Body Butter. I saw major results in dry spots after just a few days of use. No more dry elbows! They also have scented body butter if you want something with a smell. This is my favorite body butter I have ever used.


I have also been using the Unscented Hair Shampoo Bar. I honestly used this with much trepidation. I didn’t know how a natural shampoo was going to work out. But I have liked it! My hair is shiny and clean. Again, they do come with scents.


The final product is the Unscented Hair Conditioner Bar. This one has been okay. It wouldn’t be able to be my only conditioner I ever used. My hair is super dry and as I used this, my hair got even more dry. So I need to alternate and use my normal conditioner as well.


The quality of these products is fabulous! I think you will love it. And they have a giveaway for you today! Enter below:



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