Introducing a Sippy Cup


As soon as my kids showed interest in drinking, I introduced the cup. Kaitlyn showed great interest in drinking at a young age, so I would let her drink from “real” cup. At six months, I offered juice in a sippy cup, but both children rejected juice. I just put water in it.

You might need to spend some time finding the right sippy cup for your baby. There are many styles and brands. Ask around and see what people you know like. For a young baby, I like one with handles for them to hold on to. I have used both Avent and Nuby. Nuby is nice because it has a soft nipple and is easy for the baby to get liquid out. Avent spills less. The right sippy cup makes a big difference in your baby’s ability to drink from it.

Give the drink to your baby at your determined times and let her practice drinking. It might take her some time to figure out how to suck from it, but she will get it.

It is good to get your baby accustomed to drinking from a sippy so that when you wean her from breast or bottle (or both), she will already know how to drink from it.

Reader Advice:

  • Salina said…
    My favorite that I’ve tried with my son is the Born Free training cup and also their sippy cup. They’re expensive, but they’re bpa free, and have a valve that is spill proof, but not as hard to suck as others we’ve tried. He won’t suck hard enough to use others we have. I only use water- but I’ve seen other kids who have juice ALL DAY!
    January 17, 2008 12:12 PM

Reader Questions:

  • Jennifer Brewer said…
    When did Kaitlyn really drink from the sippy cup? Gabby is 10 months and does not really seem interested in the cup other than playing with it. I introduced it at 6 months. I use Avent right now, but wonder if it is the cup. Any suggestions? I want to have her fully on the cup when she is 1 with cows milk in it. Also, on that note, when you weaned Kaitlyn by her 1st b-day to the cup…did you give her the cup at her feedings with formula/milk, or was it like a bottle feeding where you gave her the cup then put her in the chair to eat? I am trying to plan for the transition and just trying to figure out how that will work. I have just weaned her from the breast to formula. Boy that was fun!! She did not like formula at all. She has always taken a bottle just fine from Daddy with expressed milk…but we just introduced formula. Whew! Finally she is taking a full bottle of formula. I had to wean her now due to a conference that I am attending and she can’t go with me. So I have 2 months left of the formula in the bottle. Sorry, for such a long post…just wondering when do I give her milk once she is on milk. How does that work? How do you make sure she is getting all the milk she needs and is there a certain amount she will need to drink in a day. I know I have 2 months to go…but just like to get it all straight in my head! Thanks for your patience with this post!
    May 17, 2008 8:10 AM
    Plowmanators said…
    Kaitlyn really started drinking from it around 6 months old, but only water. I would try other cups. I know Avent can be hard to drink from. My 3 year old was getting frustrated with it over the weekend because it was hard.For feeding, I held Brayden on my lap while he drank milk then moved him to his highchair to eat. I do that with Kaitlyn for some, but not for others. For breakfast and lunch, shes sits in her high chair and drinks the milk. I did it this way because Brayden was not a cuddler, and the only time I could get him to sit still on my lap was while drinking milk. Kaitlyn will cuddle anytime. If Kaitlyn were my only child, I would do it with her on my lap, but it is a lot easier to do it in her highchair.My daughter is still not fully on the sippy cup–she still drinks some meals from the bottle. We are working on it. She loves to drink water from a sippy, but not milk. Brayden was a lot easier to switch over.
    There are different reports of how much milk to feed a one year old. I have heard 16-24 ounces. It all depends on how much other dairy she is eating. I offer 24 ounces a day. With Brayden, I really stressed about making sure he got enough. With Kaitlyn, I don’t really worry. I let her set her own pace. Good luck with it all!
    May 19, 2008 10:20 AM

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10 thoughts on “Introducing a Sippy Cup”

  1. We are in the processing of trying to wean Isabella from the bottle. We are starting off by trying to wean her from the morning bottle. She does well with drinking water and juice from a sippy cup, by the way she drinks water from a real cup as well. She refuses to drink formula from a sippy cub. Yesterday morning it was a battle. Finally I put it in a regular cup and she drank it. This morning another battle, however this time she refused to drink it from the regular cup. I finally did get her to drink it, but it wasn’t fun. She is not a cuddler so maybe I will try having her sit on my lap before breakfast. Any suggestions?

  2. Keep working at it. Kaitlyn also was a great drinker from the sippy, but hated the idea of milk coming out of it. Over time, she has come to accept it. It takes time, patience, and consistency. You will likely have to take things slower as you wean her.If she will drink from a cup just fine, there is no saying you have to use a sippy. Good luck!

  3. I have been EBFing my baby since birth. She took a bottle (only very occasionally) for the first 4 months, but then refused it. It seems to me that the sippy is to help baby transition from bottle to cup, but if we essentially skip the bottle, can we skip the sippy too? Do you have any info or thoughts on going straight from breast to [real] cup?

  4. Sarah, I think that is totally fine if you want to that. So long as she will drink enough from a cup once she is weaned, it is totally not a problem.

  5. Sarah, I think that is totally fine if you want to that. So long as she will drink enough from a cup once she is weaned, it is totally not a problem.

  6. My DS just turned 1 year and we are excited to make the transition from formula to milk (to save lots of $$!) We started by switching his breakfast, lunch, and dinner formula bottles to milk sippies. I knew it would take some time for him to get used to the change, but two weeks later he is still only drinking 3 or 4 oz. of milk A DAY out of his sippies! (I still give him 8 oz. from his bottle in the evening before bed + 8 oz of yogurt during the day so he gets enough dairy). We have tried straw cups, hard Playtex and NUK spouts, soft Nuby spouts, and he doesn't seem to have a preference for any of them. I have tried holding him to feed his sippy like I would a bottle and he just fights me to get down. Is 2 weeks too short to expect to see improvement? I can't seem to figure out if it's the taste of the milk (although he sucks it down from a bottle!) or the fact that he's supposed to drink it on his own in his high chair (he throws it on the floor), or he can't figure out the sippy. A lot of people (some BW moms) have suggested just letting him "graze" on the sippy all day instead of only offering at meal times to see if he'll drink more that way, but I'm hesitant to try that. I'd love to hear any suggestions or ideas. : )Thanks!Jen

  7. Jen I personally wouldn't do grazing.I do think two weeks is too soon to see improvement. If you see my weaning posts, you will notice I usually do one feeding per week. So it takes me over a month to fully transition. I would expect there to be some time required.You can offer him water in the day if he is thirsty at other times of day. I would continue as you are–I think using other forms of dairy is great.

  8. Thanks Val,Since my original post, I have just continued offering his milk with meals as you suggested and sure enough, it was like one day the sippy cup clicked for him! He's now up to about 12 ounces of milk per day (during B, L, & D) so I am still maintaining his 4th feeding (which is still a bottle- is that bad?). My goal is to either drop or transition that feeding to a sippy by 18 months.As always, if I had just been more patient I would have realized that I had nothing to stress about!Thanks again!

  9. My baby is 13 months old and we're still nursing 4 times a day. Getting her to drink other fluids is a real challenge, so I need to keep up nursing until she gets the hang of it well enough to stay hydrated on her own.She took a bottle occasionally around 2.5-3 months old but then preferred it and went on a nursing strike, so I stopped using them. Later, when I tried introducing a sippy cup she had no idea what to do with it (or even a bottle anymore).. or a straw. Now she's drinking maybe 6 oz a day from her sippy, but only if the valve is removed. She can't figure out how to suck! We also tried a regular cup, but I hate having to change her clothes 10x a day, and she hates it too.Any suggestions to get her drinking more fluids?

  10. Question: I did babywise with my son (4 now) and worked wonders!!!! Loved it and worked to a t with him! My daughter ( 3 1/2 months) I feel like we were doing great! Even with a cold at 2 weeks old. At 6 weeks started sleeping 6+ hours at night…. then at 8weeks was diagnosed with hip dysphasia and had to be put in a harness so there was a few rough nights adjusting to that and then we've had two! Sickness following that! I feel like everytime there is a glimpse of back to a set schedule and long night syretchs something deters us. So here is where we are at right now and I would like advice on how to get back on track and insight on sleeping issues……Eating every 3 hours ( with mid afternoon seems to be 2.5) Last feeding 730/8 and her waking 1230-130 ( not a long gap!) to eat then she's been waking at 330/430 and not eatting I'll let her cry it out which is usually 20 mins but then only to wake in an hour or less after crying herself to sleep. And pattern repeats until 6 am wake up time which she eats but isn't starving. Her naps are only about 30-45 mins during the day and only time she sleeps longer if I'm holding her or wearing her . Guessing I just need to jump start and retstart program and just have cry it out naps in crib?? Do I restart the 2.5 schedule? Or ok to keep 3? Thank you for your time!!! Frustrated that I keep comparing where my son was at this age and I miss sleep and work so hard during the day only to be disappointed at night.


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