Non BW Tips and Tricks: Teamwork



It is a good idea to get dad (or someone other than mom) involved in taking care of the baby. I find this to be especially true when it comes to feeding solids. If one person feeds baby every meal every day, baby becomes accustomed to that style of feeding and is often resistant when someone else does try. We try to have dad feed the baby one meal each day. This is a great way to get some one-on-one time with daddy. The time will come when mom can’t be there to feed baby, so it is good for baby to be flexible.

This was quite easy for us when we had one child, but with two it is considerably more difficult. The older child is reluctant to have dad’s attention diverted. It is well worth the effort. It is good for the younger baby and the older child. The older child always needs to know that younger baby deserves Daddy and Mommy time, too. They seem to grasp the Mommy thing because Mommy has no choice but to care for both, but it is harder for Daddy to get baby time in–especially when babies are not demanding attention and toddlers are.

I like to do this concept of teamwork with all ages of children and for all situations. Take turns reading the bedtime stories. Take turns putting to bed. Take turns changing diapers (yeah!). Take turns dressing. Take turns bathing. Not only does it make the child more flexible, but provides opportunity for Daddy/child time. Also, it gives mom a chance for a break!

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