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I have always been a person who is hesitant to use medicine, even simple medicines like Ibuprofen. After my babies were born, I got off the pain killers as quickly as possible, if I even took them at all (though with Brayden, I had over 50 stitches after that boy was delivered. You better believe I used some medicine). I had a grandfather who was an alcoholic, so I don't mess around. I don't want any sort of addiction. I won't even drink caffeine!

So when I first learned about essential oils, I was intrigued. I was partially skeptical because it sounded witch-doctor-esq, but I liked the idea of having something to try before I went to medicine. I figured even if it created nothing more than a placebo effect, it was worth a shot.

I went with doTERRA essential oils. I liked the purity of the product, the lack of fillers, and the guarantees behind it.

It has now been four years since I started using oils, and I continue to find new ways to use them each day. We have always used lavendar and peppermint together to help with itchy mosquito bites (several of us are quite allergic in our family) and it helps so much! We use a blend called Serenity for help with sleep at times. We frequent the Digestzen when someone has an upset tummy. We use OnGuard a whole lot to prevent sickness from getting to us, and if someone does get sick, we diffuse it like crazy to stop it from spreading through the family.

I love citrus oils in my water. I love to diffuse different oils and blends for creating moods. I love Deep Blue for muscle aches after I exercise (and also for those growing pains when my kids are having a growth spurt). We have used oils for ear infections, rashes, eczema...the possibilities are really endless.

There are even uses I haven't even begun to explore yet, like cooking with essential oils and DIY products.

You can click my blog label doTERRA to read all of my posts that include what I use my oils for and what I recommend.

To purchase your own, visit my doTERRA store. With any purchase you make, I will receive a percentage of the sale. This does not increase your cost at all.

Please let me know if you have any questions about what oils might be a good fit for your family or what oils might solve a health concern you have. If you need help ordering, let me know that, too.

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