Poll Discussion: Night Wakings


This topic was requested on Facebook. 


How did your baby stop night wakings?

  1. Did you wait until baby stopped on own? If so, what age did baby stop on own? Was it pretty gradual or pretty sudden?
  2. Did you do some CIO? If so, can you describe the process?
  3. Did you do weaning of feedings? If so, can you elaborate?
  4. Did you help baby get back to sleep? If so, how, and for how long did you do this before baby slept on own?
  5. Did you do wake to sleep as described by the Baby Whisperer? If so, please elaborate.
  6. OTHER. Please explain.

When answering, so I can compile data easily, it would be helpful if you started your comment with which number you did.


Here are my answers.





He was 6 months old when he stopped waking at all in the night on his own. It was pretty sudden.



1 and 3?


My mind is not working right now. I know I did some of 3 with Kaitlyn, but I can’t remember if that was for night wakings AND the dreamfeed, or just the dreamfeed? I think it was for those early morning feedings when baby wakes around 5-6 AM. She was about four months old when she stopped night wakings at all.





I believe McKenna was around 3 months old when no night wakings happened at all. She was sleeping 7-8 hours before that, but still had those early morning feedings. Hers was more gradual, with moving closer and closer to the morning waktime, and then some nights more in the night, then closer to morning waktime.





She was two months old when she started sleeping through the entire night. She had been moving her night feeding later into the night, but then really suddenly started sleeping through the night until morning waketime. I didn’t see it coming that early.



Share your experiences! Thanks!