Poll Discussion Post: Adding Baby to Family and Sibling Dynamics



Today’s poll is on the dynamics of siblings and a new baby. I think we all worry about how the child will be impacted by a new sibling, especially with the first baby. Here are some questions about the transition. You can answer for any child with any baby dynamic–for example, it doesn’t only need to be first with second. It could be your 3rd with your 4th.

  1. How old was your child when the new baby came?
  2. Did you do anything to “prep” the older child for the baby?
  3. If yes, what did you do?
  4. How did your child initially react to the new baby? Were there any regressions or jealousy? Stress?
  5. How did your child act after about a month after the new baby was born? Were there any regressions or jealousy? Stress?
  6. Was there a point of difficulty at any point?
  7. Did you do anything to help the older child accept the new child?
  8. Any words of advice?

You can answer for each child each time a sibling has been born.


If you wouldn’t mind, copy and paste the questions and then answer them. It makes it easier for me when tallying results. If you can’t, that is fine.

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