Poll Discussion: Thumb/Finger Sucking

Our newest poll is on thumb/finger sucking. It is helpful while I compile results if you copy these questions and paste them, then answer under each. If you do not have an answer for a question, you can just put “N/A.”

  1. Did/does your child suck fingers/thumb?
  2. If so, which?
  3. Did you encourage the sucking, or did it just happen?
  4. Have you seen any problems associate with the sucking? If so, what?
  5. Do you limit the sucking at all?
  6. What age did you wean from the sucking?
  7. If you have weaned, what method did you use?
  8. How did your child handle the weaning?
  9. Any tips for moms of thumb/finger sucking?
  10. Would you allow thumb/finger sucking again?