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Moving from two naps down to one is a BIG deal! It is the first huge step that makes you realize that your little one is growing up! Let me assure you, having one nap a day is such a glorious thing, so if your child is ready to go to one nap, don’t be scared about it. You will love it. It is, of course, something you want to get right–move to soon and your child will not sleep well because of overtiredness. Move too late and your child will likely play for both naps OR not go to sleep at night and play for a couple of hours instead. As you decide if your child is ready or not, hopefully this poll can help you.


These are the results from the poll on 2-1 Nap Transitions. I didn’t vote on this poll, so my results are not here. See my posts linked below for info on our experiences.


1. What age did you start the transition from 2 naps to 1?

  • 11 months or younger: 2 votes (7%)
  • 12 months: 2 votes (7%)
  • 13 months: 4 votes (14%)
  • 14 months: 5 votes (18%)
  • 15 months: 3 votes (11%)
  • 16 months: 3 votes (11%)
  • 17 months: 2 votes (7%)
  • 18 months: 2 votes (7%)
  • 19 months: 0
  • 20 months: 1 vote (4%)
  • 21 months: 0
  • 22 months: 0
  • 23 months: 0
  • 24 months or older: 1 vote (4%)
  • unknown: 3 votes (11%)


2. What age was your child officially at one nap instead of two?

  • 11 months or younger: 2 votes (7%)
  • 12 months: 1 vote (4%)
  • 13 months: 2 votes (7%)
  • 14 months: 1 vote (4%)
  • 15 months: 7 votes (25%)
  • 16 months: 4 votes (14%)
  • 17 months: 2 votes (7%)
  • 18 months: 3 votes (11%)
  • 19 months: 1 vote (4%)
  • 20 months: 0
  • 21 months: 1 vote (4%)
  • 22 months: 0
  • 23 months: 1 vote (4%)
  • 24 months or older: 1 vote (4%)
  • unknown: 0

3. In retrospect, were these ages the right age for your child?

  • yes: 18 votes (64%)
  • no: 4 votes (14%)
  • undecided: 3 votes (11%)

4. What age do you think would have been best for your child to move to one nap?

  • 11 months or younger: 2 votes (7%)
  • 12 months: 2 votes (7%)
  • 13 months: 3 votes (11%)
  • 14 months: 3 votes (11%)
  • 15 months: 4 votes (14%)
  • 16 months: 4 votes (14%)
  • 17 months: 0
  • 18 months: 5 votes (18%)
  • 19 months: 0
  • 20 months: 1 vote (4%)
  • 21 months: 0
  • 22 months: 0
  • 23 months: 0
  • 24 months or older: 1 vote (4%)
  • unknown: 1 vote (4%)

5. What method did you use to go to one nap? Examples: Cold turkey, weaning, shortening the morning nap, etc.

  • Cold Turkey: 13 votes (%)
  • Shortened morning nap: 7 votes (25%)
  • Moved nap later: 1 vote (4%)
  • Weaned: 3 votes (11%)

6. When your child first went to one nap consistently, what time did the one nap start? 

  • 10:30 am: 1 vote (4%)
  • 11:30 am: 7 votes (25%)
  • Noon:: 6 votes (21%)
  • 12:30 pm: 3 votes (11%)
  • 1:00 pm: 6 votes (21%)

7. What time did your child’s nap land at once the transition was done?

  • 11:30 am: 2 votes (7%)
  • Noon:: 6 votes (21%)
  • 12:30 pm: 2 votes (7%)
  • 1:00 pm: 10 votes (36%)
  • 1:30 pm: 2 votes (7%)
  • still transitioning: 1 vote (4%)

8. How long was the one nap once the child was settled into one nap a day?

  • 1.5 hours: 1 vote (4%)
  • 2 hours: 10 votes (36%)
  • 2.5 hours: 8 votes (29%)
  • 3.5 hours: 1 vote (4%)
  • 4 hours: 1 vote (4%)
  • unsure: 1 vote (4%)

9. Any words of advice on making the transition smoother?

  • See poll on 2-1 Nap Transitions for advice given. Look in the comments. Here are some highlights:”Stay busy in the morning and avoid the stroller/car nap at all costs! Get outside, go run errands, go to the park, meet up with friends…do whatever you can to avoid being home or slowing down!” – d.a.r.
    “Take it slow and don’t hurry it. Take their cues because every child is different!” -Jessie

    “Don’t try to stick to two naps if it’s not working just for the sake of having two naps. I was trying to and it was making no one happy.” -Jane

    Remember it IS a transition… when I first made the switch her one nap was very short so I second guessed myself a lot. But after couple weeks she adjusted and the one nap is so great and offers a lot more flexibility.” -Jody

“Don’t try to keep them awake for too long – start off by having the nap in the late morning and then just put them to bed early – she went to bed at 6:30 pm (an hour early) for about a month. Then gradually shift the nap and bedtime later. If you have a child like mine, you may have to accept cold turkey instead of weaning off the nap and live with a few weeks of slight crankiness….it will be worth it: one nap is great!” -Stonehouse

“Don’t rush it just because YOU are ready for 1 nap….. because honestly, you think you will be able to get out and do more, but all you have is a cranky toddler on your hands then.” -MommaLanda

“Any words of advice on making the transition smoother?
Follow their clues. Don’t try to force your child to fit into a particular mold. All of my kids were different with naps, and that’s okay, because all of my kids are different kids.” -RebekkahGrace

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6 thoughts on “Poll Results: 2-1 Nap Transition”

  1. I love this post! My daughter is approaching 11 months and I've been thinking about how this transition will go. (I like to consider these things well ahead of time!) I like moving the morning nap a bit later and then having an earlier bedtime. I think that might work for her, when she is ready.

  2. Ok I have been struggling with this and this is my second! He is sixteen mths and the morning nap was routine but afternoon nap was terrible. So I was miserable for a couple of weeks stressing over it…finally i am keeping him up until about 11:30 then down…he takes about two hours. But he seems fussy and clingy to me. Do yall think this is typical age clingy or is it because he is tired….I can try the putting to bed earlier too. The posts really have helped me. Thanks

  3. My 9 mo old girl is showing signs that she doesn't need the morning nap anymore. It seems very early to me so I wanted your advice. If we skip the morn nap for church or whatever she is just fine – even if I nurse her at say 12 PM she doesn't fall asleep nursing and not even in the car. Then she'll sleep for like 2-3 hrs from like 1-4. I don't know if I did this everyday if it would show that she was too tired for it or not. Right now she naps around 10 AM each day (but lately won't fall asleep until like 10:45 AM) and then has trouble going down for her afternoon nap, which it seems she doesn't need until at least 3 PM. Advice?

  4. Erin I think 9 months is too young for one nap–I would move naps right now. I would guess she will be ready by 13/14 months for sure.

  5. Thanks for this post!I am struggling a lot! My daughter just turned 13 months. She will take her morning nap without any problem around 9:15 am and sleep about 45 minutes but ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to have an afternoon nap. If I take her in the car or stroller at any time of day she will very quickly fall asleep and sleep a long time. Even if I try I cannot wake her. But putting her in her crib to sleep in the afternoon. Just doesn't happen. She usually is pretty cranky by 3pm but still will not go to sleep for a nap.She goes to bed at night around 7:15 with no problem, usually sleeps through the night, and wakes at about 5:45 am.What should I do? I am worried about transitioning to one nap. When I try just giving her one nap around noon she often will not fall asleep and if she does only sleeps for 20 minutes max. This just isn't enough sleep.Please help!


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