Poll Results: At what age did baby start to consistently wake up happy from naps?


3-4 months: 50 votes (42%)
4-5 months: 22 votes (18%)
5-6 months: 20 votes (16%)
6-7 months: 10 votes (8%)
7-8 months: 6 votes (5%)
8-9 months: 4 votes (3%)
9-12 months: 2 votes (1%)
12 months or older: 4 votes (3%)

Total of 118 votes

9 thoughts on “Poll Results: At what age did baby start to consistently wake up happy from naps?”

  1. my daughter is 14 months old.. so far she has only managed to say ‘mama’ and ‘abah’ or sometimes ‘papa’.. she does blabs a lot..and she points at things a lot..she can also understand simple instruction such ‘go and get your book’, ‘take your water bottle’ and recognized few parts of her body such as ‘eyes, nose, stomach, teeth’..my question is, shud i be worried since she can only say two words..from my readings, according to speech progress, by 15 months she’s supposed to say two or 3 real words other than mama or papa. if its normal, when is the time i shud be concern about her speech development and bring her for evaluation.tq.

  2. My older DS had a true speech delay, so I’ll add my two cents. It was at his 18-month doctor appointment that the doctor asked how many words he had. I told her only 2 (moo and quack, LOL) and she sent us to have him evaluated. I agree with Val too. Don’t give it any more thought until her 18-month appointment. Also, it’s very encouraging that she babbles a lot. My son did some babbling, but not a ton, and he didn’t make many consonant sounds. So I’m sure you’re ok.As for the poll results, I just wanted to say that having my baby wake up happy is one of the biggest rewards for me with Babywise! I knew I was doing things right when he started doing it. It’s all about getting enough sleep!

  3. thanx for the reply, i feel much better now. true indeed that perhaps my baby is super physical(she wont sit still, not even for a second!always on the run). hopefully everything goes well. thanx again.

  4. Elle, You are welcome. It is good to be on the lookout, but try to not over-analyze situations. It is a hard balance 🙂

  5. Hi, this is Wendy from Dallas. I’ve been reading this blog for over a month now and has been really a blessing. Now my son is 3.5 months old. Sometimes he wakes up happy. But almost often, he is not. And I still need to wake him up ALL the time. Bottle feeding – 6oz each/6 feedings. We’re still feeding every 3 hours. An hour of wake time and 2 hours of sleep. But he doesn’t like it when I wake him up for another feeding. He has 3 nap times. But he’s cranky on the should be 4th around 5-6pm so I just use that time to give him a bath and more reading/playing time. His bed time is 7:30 where I put him to his crib and sleeps until 7AM. Thank you so much.

  6. Wendy, for most babies, waking happy really doesn’t happen until 5ish months, so I wouldn’t worry about it.It is possible he is ready to move to a 4 hour schedule, or perhaps a 3/3.5 or 3/4 (and everything in between).

  7. Hi! Yes you are right! He is so ready to move to a 4 hour schedule. We’ve been doing it for almost two weeks now and it’s great for both of us. Blessings for you and your family!


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