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Ever wonder what baby gear is worth it and what isn’t? I think we all do! Naturally, it differs a great deal from person to person and even baby to baby, but maybe these poll results will give you an idea of what might be worth the purchase or not. See the original poll here. You will definitely see answers that shock you–there are some items that I consider the best-ever baby purchase that people said were not worth the money, and some that I think were a total waste of money that people loved. And not all answers are completely telling; for example, one person said a nasal aspirator was not worth the purchase, so her answer was no, but it was because the hospital gave one to her that she liked better than a purchased one. So she loved the item, but the purchase was not worth it. In the comments of the main post, you will see caveats as well as brands people liked.


Question: Is the item worth the purchase?

51 answers at the time of this post (including mine). Any answers listed after my comment (number 51) are not included in these results.

NOTE: If there were two answers for one item, I took the “yes” answer–I figured if it was worth it for one child, it was worth it overall.


NOTE: If a person said an item was or was not not worth the purchase, but also stated that they have never owned the item, I marked it as N/A.

NOTE: Compiling this literally took me HOURS. Because of that, I did not double check. There are likely some mistakes. 

  1. Playards
    YES=47 (92%) NO=2 (4%)  UNDECIDED=0 N/A=2 (4%)
  2. Bassinet
    YES=9 (18%) NO=29 (57%) UNDECIDED=3 (6%) N/A=10 (20%)
  3. Swaddle Blankets
    YES=43 (84%) NO=5 (10%) UNDECIDED=0 N/A=3 (6%)
  4. Crib
    YES=48 (94%) NO=1 (2%) UNDECIDED=0 N/A=2 (4%)
  5. SnuggleU
    YES=5 (10%)  NO=6 (12%) UNDECIDED=0 N/A=40 (78%)
  6. Rocking chair/glider
    YES=32 (63%) NO=11 (22%) UNDECIDED=3 (6%) N/A=5 (10%) 
  7. Activity gym
    YES=40 (78%) NO=8 (16%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%) N/A=2 (4%)
  8. Bouncer
    YES=33 (65%) NO=11 (22%) UNDECIDED=1  (2%)  N/A=6 (12%)
  9. Bumbo
    YES=16 (31%) NO=19 (37%) UNDECIDED=8 (16%) N/A=8 (16%)
  10. Exersaucer
    YES=24 (47%) NO=6 (12%) UNDECIDED=9 (18%) N/A=12 (24%)
  11. Jumper
    YES=22 (43%) NO=11 (22%) UNDECIDED=3 (6%) N/A=15 (29%)
  12. Front Carrier
    YES=34 (67%) NO=14 (27%) UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=1 (2%)
  13. Stroller
    YES=49 (96%) NO=1 (2%)  UNDECIDED=0 N/A=1 (2%)
  14. Wet wipe warmer
    YES=2 (4%) NO=28 (55%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%) N/A=20 (39%)
  15. Changing table
    YES=32 (63%) NO=17 (33%) UNDECIDED=0 N/A=2 (4%)
  16. Swing
    YES=29 (57%) NO=12 (24%) UNDECIDED=6(12%) N/A=4 (8%)
  17. Lilly Padz
    YES=3 (6%) NO=5 (10%)  UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=41 (80%)
  18. Nursing pillow
    YES=36 (71%) NO=12(24%)  UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=1 (2%)
  19. Milkies
    YES=4 (8%) NO=2 (4%) UNDECIDED=0 N/A=45 (88%)
  20. Nipple cream
    YES=35 (69%) NO=11 (22%) UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=3 (6%)
  21. Nursing nightgown
    YES=14 (27%) NO=15 (29%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%)  N/A=16 (31%)
  22. Bottle warmer
    YES=4 (8%) NO=13 (25%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%)  N/A=33 (65%)
  23. Bottle dishwasher basket
    YES=17 (33%) NO=10 (20%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%)  N/A=23 (45%)
  24. Bottle drying rack
    YES=12  (24%)NO=14 (27%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%) N/A=24 (47%)
  25. Highchair
    YES=38 (75%) NO=9 (18%) UNDECIDED=0 N/A=4 (8%)
  26. Booster Seat for Meals
    YES=30 (59%) NO=3 (6%) UNDECIDED=3 (6%) N/A=15 (29%)
  27. Burp clothes
    YES=46 NO=1 (2%) UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=2 (4%)
  28. Baby bathtub
    YES=34 (67%) NO=11 (22%) UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=4 (8%) 
  29. Nasal aspirator
    YES=37 (73%) NO=8 (16%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%) N/A=5 (10%) 
  30. Baby fingernail clippers
    YES=41 (80%) NO=8 (16%) UNDECIDED=1 (2%)   N/A=1 (2%)
  31. Video monitor
    YES=23 (45%) NO=6 (12%) UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=20 (39%)
  32. Audio monitor
    YES=40 (78%) NO=5 (10%)  UNDECIDED=1 (2%)  N/A=5 (10%) 
  33. Gas drops
    YES=28 (55%) NO=9 (18%) UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=12 (24%)
  34. Gripe water
    YES=13 (25%) NO=10 (20%) UNDECIDED=2 (4%) N/A=26 (51%)
  35. Additional Comments/Items?”A must have for us is Lansinoh butt cream, and Aveeno bath products and lotion. Also, we used MAM pacifiers with both boys.”” I don’t know what we would do without our sound machine!”

    “Some sort of noise maker (ie. humidifier, fan – doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive) is great esp if you have other children in the house”

    “some kind of portable white noise machine or phone app is great – we have lugged a fan everywhere, but it’s bulky; also, couldn’t have lived without my breast pump; totally worth it to buy a nice Medela one, and also have a hand pump that’s smaller to travel with.”

    “I agree with a previous post. White noise of some kind is necessary. I am using a heater in my daughters room right now, will use a box fan when spring rolls around! “

“My favorite thing is my sling and that item wasn’t really listed. My fourth baby didn’t like it much once he could walk, but the rest would stay in it forever if I needed them contained until they were 2 years old.”

“one thing I use all the time is a baby tracker app on my phone…it is very helpful in monitoring our daughter’s naps, feedings, diaper changes, etc.”

“Not a huge fan of pacifiers, but we have one for emergencies (OT in church, airplanes, etc). Mine loves the wubbanub- it stays in well and she can play with it too :)”

“We LOVE our faux sheepskin lambie floor mat. She’s laid on it every single day for seven months. The play gym was too over stimulating for her as a baby, so she’s always just been on her mat with a few toys. 
Also, a Safe-T-Sleep. I think this is an Australian thing (you can find it on EBay Australia or google), but it prevents sliding in an inclined cot, and rolling.
Breast pump”

“Nipple Shield – I’m not sure I would have made it through the first 4 weeks or so of breastfeeding without it!”

“I thought baby mittens (to keep from scratching) were a waste of money. 
I think good nursing pads (I like Johnson & Johnson) are worth the money”

“A really good lotion!”

“Baby quilts – YES, I have one for each of my 8 children and they are used so much around here.

I’ve had 8 babies (and a few foster babes) and even though I’ve tried several of the listed baby gear, there aren’t too many that I’ve hung onto. Babies need warmth, milk, and love… all available in mommy’s arms.”

“I never bought a glider, but I do have a nursing stool and like it.”

“I agree with the previous poster about a breast pump – priceless not only for going back to work but during maternity leave I would pump a bottle so that my husband could do the dream feed. That long stretch of sleep was priceless! Agree on the white noise machine / fans as well, our one and three year olds still use them every nap/night!”
“diaper basket, changing pad liners so you don’t have to change the changing pad cover each time an accident happens, nursing cover, nursing stool, breast pump, SwaddleMe and Halo Swaddle sacks, saline nose drops, boogie wipes, diaper pail (arm and hammer), car seat strap covers and car seat head/body support, white noise machine”

“I LOVE the Boppy Newborn Lounger. Also, a breast pump is a definite necessity. And a nice thicker soft blanket for laying baby on the floor to play and move without a toy gym constantly over his/her face. (though I do like the gym for some waketimes). White Noise machine. Something to incline the crib if baby has reflux (both mine did). Love the Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets for swaddling and light blanket in the carseat.”
“We never had a stand alone high chair. We have the kind that goes from a reclining booster and tray table (at 4 months) to a booster seat for toddler and older. It buckles into a normal chair. Saves so much space. 

We have a bassinet with both kids but if you have a pack n play with the bassinet feature you don’t need both. 

I think an exersaucer and a jumper are interchangeable. You don’t need both.”
“Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillow…absolutely amazing!!! My son loved this and slept in it for naps for first few weeks of life…now is my standard gift for baby showers!!!”

“Diaper bag- YES
Diaper rash cream- YES”

“A few other must-buys in my opinion- Dr. Brown’s bottles, teething gel (my daughter got a tooth at 3 months- I was totally unprepared for that), a few light-weight receiving blankets (we double swaddled her with those under the swaddle blanket) a comfortable sling, MAM pacifiers, and most importantly- a white noise sound machine (we got one that did white noise or music- I love it b/c I put the music part one when she does independent play in her room and the white noise when she sleeps)and black out curtains.”

” For our next baby, I want to get one of those strollers that is just a “base” and you can clip the infant car seat right on to it, I think it is made by Graco)”

“From previous posters, I second the wubbanub, breast pump, baby-size quilt for floor play, white noise machine, and Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillow (loved but not essential – used in place of a bouncy seat)

Hylands teething tablets, ibuprofen and Benadryl – we learned the hard way to keep Children’s Benadryl on hand “just in case” even if the child is a baby, particularly for emergencies when travelling. Also our baby was an early teether and we didn’t realize that was affecting naps. The teething tablets or ibuprofen helped a lot.

We also went outside every day from the very beginning so sun protection was really important to us:flap hat (from iPlay), UVA/ UVB sunglasses, rashguard shirt (we put it over whatever else he was wearing), and zinc sunscreen

And, separately, for the diaper bag, or when we chose not to take the whole bag, we LOVED THE Fold n Go Diapering kit”
“Breast pump – yes
Noise machine (especially with #2 and beyond)- yes
Waterproof changing & mattress pads – yes”

“Baby Einstein videos, crib mobile also great”

“LOVE and always recommend a BundleME Carseat cover for winter :-)”

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