Poll Results: For Preschool, did you/will you…

Teach from home

  31 (35%)


Send at 2

  7 (8%)


Send at 3

  31 (35%)


Send at 4

  18 (20%)



Votes so far: 87 



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4 thoughts on “Poll Results: For Preschool, did you/will you…”

  1. We just had our second and our little girl (almost two and a half) is more clingy than ever. She was always shy around other kids but now it's more than ever. Once a week she goes to a ladys house who keeps three other children. When i dropped her off today she screamed for me. How do I handle this? Some say put her in preschool so that she adjusts. Other advise not to force her. I'm torn…

  2. Liz Koors,I would not force her at this age. I would make sure you have good one-on-one time with her so she feels secure. It is normal to feel a bit insecure when a baby comes.If you want her to play around other children, I would invite a friend over with a child her age and all play together with no pressure. Help her see what she and the baby have in common with each other. Also, have her help you with the baby–keep it as "helping you" and not "mothering baby." You can also focus on "helping baby"–but just avoid letting her think she is in charge of the baby. But serving people helps develop love, so if she served the baby she would naturally develop love for the baby and feel less uprooted by the baby's arrival.

  3. I missed this poll. We sent our older child to one-morning-a-week preschool from 2.5 years old to 4. At 4 years old, there was state-funded pre-kindergarten 5 mornings a week. This preparation worked out perfectly (for him) for kindergarten readiness.


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