Poll Results: How many hours total did baby sleep in a 24 hour period for ages 5-6 months (22-26 weeks)? (approximate)



18-20 hours: 7 votes (10%)
16-17 hours: 26 votes (38%)
14-15 hours: 24 votes (34%)
12-13 hours: 10 votes (14%)
less than 12 hours: 2 votes (3%)

Total of 69 votes

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6 thoughts on “Poll Results: How many hours total did baby sleep in a 24 hour period for ages 5-6 months (22-26 weeks)? (approximate)”

  1. I’ve recently read that D. Ferber says that typical sleep total for 3 mo. olds is 13 hrs and 6 mo. old is 12.5 hrs. What are your thoughts on this and why such a hge discrepency between his findings and your poll results? My main reason for asking is that he states that a big obstacle for STTN is too much total sleep time between the night and day. So since my son is not quite STTN, I am wondering if I am oversleeping him and expecting too much. For now, he naps about 4 hrs and “sleeps” from 8pm – 7 am but wakes around 5 or so for an extended period of talking and fussing and sometimes crying before going back to sleep. I am now starting to wonder if he has reached his sleep quota at 5 am and I should put him down for the night later (since I don’t want to start my day at 5 am.). Thoughts?

  2. Jeanne,Is that his totals for a 24 hour period? If so, that sounds so little to me! My 3.5 year old gets at least 11.5 hours at night, plus about 2 hours of nap for usually 4 of 7 days in the week. My 21 month old sleeps 12 hours at night, plus a three hour nap each night.It is possible that your son doesn’t need 11 hours at night. BW states 10-12 hours is normal. My son was a shorter night sleeper until he shortened his naps in the day. But I believe sleep begets sleep (see Sleep Begets Sleep : http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/08/sleep-begets-sleep.html), and lack of sleep creates sleep problems.

  3. My twins are 6 months old and go to bed at 10:00. They sleep until 8am. Is this too late to put them to sleep?My husband and I work all day so we like to spend time with them in the evening. They eat at 6:00, play and are awake for a few hours. take a 30 minute catnap, and then have a bottle at 9:30 before going to bed at 10:00. Is this too late to put them to bed?

  4. Becca,This is a situation to consider context. When Brayden was a baby, my husband was still in school and also working. He didn’t get home until 8 PM. For a while, Brayden’s bedtime was somewhere between 9-10 PM…I can’t remember for sure. This was so he could see his Dad.If they are happy in the morning, it is fine. But do be aware that as they get older, they are going to need an earlier bedtime.

  5. Hi again,I have a question regarding sleep totals. My 5 month old son is sleeping a total of about 18 hours a day. I am wondering if this is too much from looking at some past polls on your site. He is taking (3) 2 hour naps and (1) 45 minute nap each day. I have considered dropping this last 45 minute nap but each night when 700 comes he gets cranky and so I put him down because i think he needs that nap. He has started to wake earlier in the morning some days then he should and I wonder if it is because he gets to much day time sleep. We are currently on a combo schedule 2.5-3.25 hours and I have to wake him from every nap. Would you recommend trying to eliminate this 4th nap (45 minute nap) at this point even though he still takes it? I wasn’t sure if he would let me know when he is ready to drop this nap by not taking it or if I can just eliminate it. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Hope all is well with your new little one!!

  6. Alison,What time is bedtime? I would get rid of it no matter what time bedtime is, but that is close to what bedtime is for most kids. You might need to move bedtime up once this nap is dropped.


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