Poll Results: Rolling in Crib


Here are the results for the poll on rolling in the crib. Here are the questions:


1. When baby started to roll in the crib, were there sleep disruptions?

2. If yes, how long was it from start of disruptions to back to normal sleep?

3. Did you do anything to help with the disruption to sleep? If so, what?

4. Any words of advice/wisdom?



Total Votes: 22


1. When baby started to roll in the crib, were there sleep disruptions?


YES: 16 (73%)

NO: 6 (27%)


2. If yes, how long was it from start of disruptions to back to normal sleep?


Minimal: 1 (.05 %)

1 Day: 1 (.05 %)

2-4 Days: 4 (18%)

5-7 Days: 6 (27%)

1-2 Weeks: 2 (9%)

3-4 Weeks: 1 (.05 %)

Several Months: 1 (.05 %)


3. Did you do anything to help with the disruption to sleep? If so, what?


Flipped Baby: 6 (27%)

Practice: 5 (23%)

CIO: 3 (14%)

Bumpers: 3 (14%)

Stopped Swaddle: 1 (.05 %)

Nothing:1 (.05 %)


4. Any words of advice/wisdom?

We flipped him back to his tummy 1 or 2 times a night for a couple days, but finally one night I woke up and checked the monitor and he was snoozing on his belly with no issues 🙂 Guess he decided he liked sleeping that way after all! Give it time and any disruptions will pass! Sara Khel

Give baby lots of hands-on practice during playtime! Brooke Young 

A lot of practice rolling. We would practice rolling from one side of the crib to the other. I would hold a stuffed animal just out of sight to encourage him. Tcushu 

 I started teaching her to sleep on her stomach before she could roll so once she could roll she usually rolled onto her stomach because she wanted to be there. My advice is to let them choose their position. I never rolled her back over when she rolled. Also recommend a mesh bumper guard to keep arms and legs safely in the crib! Janice Schmidt

Wisdom I’d say to let their arms out if they’re still swaddled and that’ll give them the chance to learn to turn around. Both of mine just started sleeping on their bellies half the time around this age too so it sorted itself out. Rachel Norman

I think keeping her in a sleep sack for several months helped this not be a problem. Like other moms have mentioned, when she was old enough to move around, I purchased a mesh bumper so her legs wouldn’t get stuck. Jessie

I think they start to be ok with tummy sleeping after a bit. She was already sleeping un swaddled. It is not unusual for her to need her paci once or twice a night anyway. Once we give the paci and roll her if needed, she goes right back to sleep. Sarah WhitehouseNews

Just “roll” with it. LOL, ok I know it was cheesy but I couldn’t resist. 🙂 dhamilton

Mesh bumper. My kids both slept even better once they were able to roll onto their tummies. They love it! Kristen

just be patient. They will stop soon enough, or her used to sleeping in a different position. Hunter C

Once our daughter got the hang of it, she actually started sleeping *better* than before. She can choose how she wants to sleep! Sarahoutloud.com

My situation is a little different. This 3rd baby is a tummy sleeper. Has been since about 2 months because of bad gas issues. At 2.5 months she decided to start rolling to her back. That’s really early, and since she was in no way ready to sleep on her back without a swaddle we had to do something to keep her on her tummy while sleeping. Otherwise, if she had been less “jerky” with her arms, I would have let her figure it out on her own. My hubby came up with the idea of making something for her to wear while sleeping, so I did. I just sewed a little “sleeve” with legs to just slip her legs through with a section of a pool noodle sewn into each side. Works like a charm! Now we are working on her rolling from her back to her tummy during her wake time so that this won’t be an issue before too much longer. Erin

Work on the skill during waketimes, and remember that it’ll pass and baby WILL go back to sleeping, and so will you!d Xio

When he was younger, I’d wait a little while to see if he quiet down before I went in to check on him. I think that’s one reason he slept through the night earlier. However, once he started waking up again at night, I got out of the habit and would go in right away. I finally got back into the habit of waiting a little while before I’d go in, and after a few days, he started sleeping through the night again. I forgot the things I’d done earlier to help him sleep well. When I remembered them and started doing those things again, he started sleeping longer. Unknown



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  1. I missed this poll. Our son was a tummy sleeper from very early on. He had reflux issues and just overall liked to sleep on his tummy. At first I would have him nap on his tummy when I was there to check on him and then he slept in the napper that was not flat at night. Until about 4 weeks or so when the reflux got bad then we switched him to sleeping on his tummy at night. He rolled over to his back after about 4 or 5 months or so and I just happened to go in in the morning one day and he was on his back looking up at me! I agree that practicing from the beginning (let them nap on their tummy and different positions and locations) helps them not be set in how they sleep.

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