Poll Results: Weathering the Four Month Sleep Regression

The fourth month sleep regression is such a stressful time! Things progress nicely and then BAM! Regression time. And as a couple of readers pointed out, for working moms, this happens right after you return to work! Your little baby suddenly starts sleeping significantly less and you don’t know what to do. Anyone who has been through it can look back and maybe have some ideas for how to weather that more easily or at least with more grace. Here are some ideas from parents who have been there.


Did your child have a sleep regression at four months?

  • Yes: 4
  • No:

How long did it last?

  • 3 Months: 1
  • 1 Month: 2
  • Less than one month: 1

Is there anything you did that helped your baby sleep better?

  • Nursing to sleep: 1
  • Cry it out: 2
  • Dropping the swaddle: 2
  • Keep feeding times consistent: 1
  • Play for a bit and then put back to sleep: 1

Is there anything you did to help yourself mentally manage the regression?


Natalie said: “I tried not to dwell on it. With my first I didn’t realize there WAS a regression until she was already about 6 months. My second, I kind of expected it but then tried to troubleshoot since I hadn’t done that with my first. I always remind myself it’s just a short time and it will pass. ”


Lisa said: “Pray!!!! …and have good support from my husband. Ignore other people’s well meaning advice to a certain extent (it could be teething, try rocking her, just let her cry etc.)”

PESTAG said: “Went outside so I didn’t have to hear the crying. Brought the video monitor but turned off the sound. Did outside chores, planted flowers. Something that I couldn’t end quickly and would take concentration yet was relaxing.”


Is there anything you would do differently in retrospect?

  • Do Cry It Out Sooner: 1
  • Drop the swaddle sooner: 1
  • Do not start new sleep props: 1

Is there any advice you have for parents in the trenches of of the four month regression?


Natalie said: “don’t be afraid to try new things or troubleshoot their sleep environment. 4 months is a big changing time so it could definitely help to drop the swaddle or make some other kind of adjustment. It’s worth a shot – and if it doesn’t work, just find a way to get through.”


Lisa said: “It’s only a season. Try not to worry too much about getting baby to sleep and spending all day doing this. Try and keep as consistent as possible. Dont plan any big trips etc. , wade it out and enjoy your baby while they’re little.”


PESTAG said:  “Begin as you mean to go. Enjoy the cuddles but realize that you’ll get lots of love and cuddles when they wake up happy and refreshed after a good nap or a good night’s sleep.”

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