Poll Results: What age did baby start to stay awake for feedings on own (you didn’t have to work to keep baby awake to eat)?


2-4 weeks: 43 votes (34%)
4-6 weeks: 40 votes (32%)
6-8 weeks: 26 votes (20%)
8-10 weeks: 6 votes (4%)
10-12 weeks: 4 votes (3%)
12-14 weeks: 2 votes (1%)
14 weeks or older: 4 votes (3%)

Total of 125 votes

6 thoughts on “Poll Results: What age did baby start to stay awake for feedings on own (you didn’t have to work to keep baby awake to eat)?”

  1. My son just turned 8 months old today. We have been on a 4 hour schedule for about 1 month and he does great. This week however he has started waking up after only 1 hour in his nap. This is very unusual for him, and I was wondering if it was time for him to drop his 3rd nap? In a previous post you wrote:Phase Four: 5 Months and Older (Extended Routine Period)25 weeks and older * Family Cycle (this means baby will align meals with the family. Be aware that you need 4-5 liquid feedings. Most babies will stick with that 4 hour routine until close to a year) * 2 naps a day (however, this doesn’t happen until 6 months at the earliest. By 6 months, Babywise says most babies can drop that third nap. Babywise II says a 6 month old will need 2 naps and a catnap (short nap). I have found Babywise II to be more accurate for my children. Both Babywise II and Toddlerwise say that by 8 months, most babies will be able to drop that 3rd nap (catnap). Remember, you are the parent. If you have a big sleeper and she is still sleeping well at night, you don’t need to eliminate that nap.) * Waketime of 60-90 minutes (though baby will be able to move to at least 2 hours and longer during this time period) * Sample Schedule for this age: 8:00 am + solids 12: 00 pm + solids 5:00 pm + solids *8:00 pmAre you saying that after 5pm he would not take a nap? Instead breastfeed him at 8pm and put him down for the night? My son wakes up at 6am so does that mean after 2pm he wouldn’t take another nap but would just go down for the evening at 6pm? I would love for him to sleep to 7pm, but don’t know how to make this happen any suggestions?

  2. Is there anyway for people to vote on old polls after they have officially closed? If you are able to do this, then people could vote on polls as their children get to that point in development making polls more accurate because there would be more voters and people wouldn’t being trying to remember what their child did at a particular time.

  3. Jamie, Are you saying his third nap is only one hour, or all naps are only one hour? If it is that third, I wouldn’t take that as a mandate to drop the third nap. That is perfectly normal to have that.If you think he is ready to drop the third nap, then, yes, no nap after the 5 PM feeding. You would then need to put him to bed earlier than when he does take a nap, at least at first while his body is adjusting. When you say you want him to sleep to 7pm, do you mean for his third nap?

  4. Rachel, that is a good idea. You could just add your vote in a comment form and I would add the information to the poll. I will do a post about it.

  5. My LO is 12 weeks old, and I still have to work to keep him awake for at least half of his feedings during the day. I always make sure he's awake before I start feeding him (except for his 10pm dreamfeed), but sometimes he closes his eyes the second I start to nurse him. Sometimes he starts out awake, but then will start to fall asleep halfway through. I can always manage to get a full feeding from him, but it seems to take a lot more work than I thought it would at this age. I thought by now he should have it down to where he nurses on his own. I have tried taking him off to wake him up, then put him back on, but he just closes his eyes again and starts to drift off. Any suggestions? I also wondered if you have any suggestions for sleeping away from home. I feel like I'm cooped up at home all the time since he doesn't seem to sleep well somewhere else besides his bed. Sometimes I can get him to fall asleep in his carseat with a blanket over it (that way he knows it's naptime and there isn't so much for him to look at to keep him awake :o) ), but he never takes a full nap this way. I would love to spend more time visiting with family and friends, but I want to make sure my little boy is getting his sleep too. I'm glad he sleeps well in his bed, and I would much rather have the problem I have than the opposite issue, but it would still be nice to get out a bit more :O)

  6. First, with time it will get better. But if he is overly tired (not napping well) then that would explain him being sleepy to eat.Very few babies (if any) will sleep in a carseat if they are well rested and used to sleeping in a bed.When I visit other people, I take a bassinet or pack and play with me for baby to sleep in. Baby might not sleep as well at other's homes, but will probably sleep better than in a carseat. Also, the more practice he gets sleeping in those beds, the better he will sleep. I always had Kaitlyn take a couple of naps a day in different beds.


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