Poll Results: What Age Did Your Baby Move to a Four Hour Schedule?



3 Months: 1 Vote (12%)
4 Months: 5 Votes (31%)
5 Months: 1 Vote (6%)
6 Months: 5 Votes (31%)
7 Months: 0 Votes
8 Months/Older: 3 Votes (18%)

Total of 16 Votes.

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4 thoughts on “Poll Results: What Age Did Your Baby Move to a Four Hour Schedule?”

  1. We've been scheduling our boy since about 6 weeks and he's 13 wks now. It's been a great thing, even if we started a bit late. About week 10-11 we transitioned to a 4 hour schedule and it works fine most of the time, but I didn't realize then that we should be dealing with the nights first, BEFORE going to 4 hrs. So now he feeds at 7am, 11, 3p, 7, then to bed at 8:30, then wakes for a feed (on his own) at midnight, then again around 4:30am. He's pretty regular, eating at 4 hr intervals, but we want him to sleep thru the night. So should we go back to 3 hour intervals in the day? Should I wake him around 10pm when I go to bed and feed then (the dreamfeed)? I've found bits of answers to this in various posts but figured I'd try to get a coherent response from those more experienced. Thanks!!!

  2. Nicole, The textbook answer would be to do the dreamfeed and cut back to a three hour schedule. You might want to first try adding in the dreamfeed OR changing to a 3 hour schedule. SEe how that goes and see if just one fixes it. If not, add the other. Good luck!

  3. Hi Valerie,My 16 week old is ready for a four hour schedule…I think. She has been sleeping from 7PM to 7AM with a DF at 10 for two months now. The problem is that she doesn't always make it through her naps. Sometimes she'll go 3.5 hrs, sometimes it's still 3 hrs between feedings.Her wake time was extended to 1 hr. 15 minutes about two weeks ago, and it's pretty right on still, with a variance of about 5 minutes (it's tough to make it that long first thing in the morning but she's good teh rest of the day with that length.)So, she gives sleepy cues after 1.15, but doesn't sleep straight through for a four hour feeding yet. Does that mean she's not ready? Or does that mean I need to fix something?Thank you so much,Kristen

  4. Hi Kristen, sorry this is a late response. I like to wait until they can sleep until the next feeding before moving to the four hour schedule. You can, however, have her wait 30 minutes after she gets up before feeding her.


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