Poll Results: What age range is hardest for you?



  246 (48%)


Baby 4-6 months

  30 (5%)


Baby 7-9 months

  17 (3%)


Baby 10-12 months

  10 (1%)


Pre-Toddler (12-18 months)

  30 (5%)


Toddler 18-24 months

  26 (5%)


2 year old

  39 (7%)


3 year old

  18 (3%)


4 year old

  5 (0%)


5 year old or older

  3 (0%)


Don’t know yet!

  85 (16%

Total of 509 votes



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6 thoughts on “Poll Results: What age range is hardest for you?”

  1. I bet most of us reading this blog don't have preteens or teenagers yet, but I still think that at that point I will think the newborn stage was the most exhausting! I guess time will tell! 🙂

  2. I'm pretty sure all of the people who responded to this only have 1 child. haha! The two year old phase is KILLING me. I'd take a newborn over a 2 year old ANY day!

  3. I have a newborn and a 2.5 yo….My 2.5 yo is a breeze compared to the newborn!! Can't wait for this stage to be over……

  4. I kind of think it has a lot to do with personality and previous experience. Since most families are separated (as in kids get married and move out and many times away) these days we don't often help rear up our neices and nephews the way people used to, and so we often have little (if any) experience with newborns (which is why I think that is the biggest section of votes). It's all new. All overwhelming. And it all seems so terribly "vital". Actions we make on a newborns behalf can be very critical for their health and so the pressure is much higher than the pressure, say, of helping a kid potty train (that's enormously frustrating)!And with personalities, some people are "into" the baby phase of holding and pacifiers and baby powder smelling lotions (I'm not one of those people), some are into the kid phase of play and adventure, some are into being able to have a mature conversation with their kids, etc. All other "stages" might be boring, annoying, frustrating, or simply exhausting to you if that isn't the stage you're particularly "into".


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