Poll Results: What was the average length of naps for baby ages 4-5 months (17-22 weeks)? (approximate)



45 minutes: 30 votes (24%)
1 hour: 16 votes (13%)
1 hour 15 minutes: 14 votes (11%)
1.5 hours: 23 votes (18%)
1 hour 45 minutes: 17 votes (13%)
2 hours: 19 votes (15%)
2 hours or more: 3 votes (2%)

Total of 122 votes

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5 thoughts on “Poll Results: What was the average length of naps for baby ages 4-5 months (17-22 weeks)? (approximate)”

  1. Thank you so much for your blog first of all! I'm having issues with my 4 month old napping. Here is the issue: He sleeps 11 hrs at night, straight through (awesome I know). We recently did CIO for naps to get him to fall asleep on his own b/c he was getting so hard to lay down (eyes would pop open!). THis took about a week and now he goes to sleep (if he's rested) with no crying. Problem is he wakes at 30 min. on the dot and will not fall back asleep on his own, the only way I can get him to sleep longer is to hold him, which I have been doing and I"m pretty sure it's created a huge problem now. I've tried to let him CIO back to sleep but he gets so worked up that he can't relax enough to go back to sleep. I've tried transferring him to the swing but it's hit and miss too. He can easily be on a 4 hour schedule if he would get the naps down. I feel like I"m at my wits end! I can't hold him for 3 hours a day so he can be well rested, but I don't know what else to do. Here are things I've tried:Feeding (45 min int) didn't work.CIO (he cried for an hour, until I went in and got him)SwingHe's swaddled, bc he startles so easily.My husband and pedi say to put him in the crib when it's nap time and do not go in until nap time is over (unless he gives a pain cry). It's just so hard because he gets overtired and then he really won't fall asleep.

  2. Lindsey, will he stay asleep if you go in and hold him to fall back asleep and then put him in his crib once he is asleep? If so, I would start with that.If not, with everything else you have said and with his age, I would likely try CIO like your husband and pedi suggest.

  3. Unfortunatly he won't fall asleep deep enough for me to lay him down without him waking. And know I can hardly get him back to sleep at all once wakes, he just fuss's and fights me. He's so overtired by the last nap that know he won't even fall asleep for it. He's cried for an hour the past three days! I guess it might take some serious CIO midnap which is going to be tough, but I'm at a loss.

  4. I am having the same problem as Lindsey. My 4 month old sleeps 11 hours straight through the night but only takes 30-45 min naps during the day. He has always taken short naps so this is nothing new. I have tried everything to get him to sleep longer and nothing works. It seems like his naps get shorter and shorter. I don't know what else to do? He sleeps like a champ all night and is happy all of the time, even with short naps. Could it be that he just isn't much of a napper and doesn't need more than what he's getting?


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