Poll Results: What was the average length of naps for baby ages 9-10 months? (approximate)


45 minutes: 9 votes (7%)
1 hour: 11 votes (8%)
1 hour 15 minutes: 40 votes (31%)
2 hours: 59 votes (46%)
More than 2 hours: 11 votes (8%)

Total of 130 votes

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6 thoughts on “Poll Results: What was the average length of naps for baby ages 9-10 months? (approximate)”

  1. Hey! Great website and much needed. Okay, for my question….JC is 4 mos old (18weeks). He has never STTN. I only feed him once at night (4ish am) though sometimes if he seems hungry. He is seeming to want to go to a 4 hour schedule (i.e. wanting to sleep longer naps and not wanting to eat well except every other feeding) HOWEVER, I know the number one rule of BW is that if they are not sleeping through the night then keep him on a 3 hour schedule. What would you suggest? Do you think I should go to the 4 hour schedule or keep struggling through the 3-hour schedule and hope he sleeps through the night soon? Thanks again for your help (in advance :)PS I also know it’s time to start adjusting to a 3 nap schedule, so I was hoping to go ahead and adjust to the 4hour feeding to make an easier transition…I don’t think he could make it if we just skipped the last nap (530-7).

  2. While most babies need to stay on 3 hours until STTN, some actually start STTN once moved to a four hour. So, it is definitely something you can try and see what happens. It might work (but it might not) 🙂

  3. My son only sleeps for about 30-45 minutes at a time. He will be 9 months in a couple of days, and I am not sure if he is getting enough sleep during the day. When he take short naps like this, we do3 naps a day. He sleeps through the night and is a very happy baby. However, I know he needs more sleep, because a lot of times he doesn't wake up happy and we know he can sleep longer, because he has done 2 hour naps in he past. Anything I can do to encourage longer naps? I have stretched his wake time to 2 1/2-3 hours…since he doesn't seem to show signs of being tired until that point.Thanks for your help!

  4. The Batts, see the blog label "45 minute intruder." Also, tomorrow's post (on 10/15) will list a lot of other posts that will be helpful for you.

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful wealth of knowledge. You have been such a fabulous resource for this first time mama!!My 9 month old's schedule is the typical 4 hour schedule, starting at 7 am. She seems to want to nap longer in the afternoons (more than 2 hours). At what point do I let her sleep until she wakes up rather than waking her to keep on the schedule?

  6. Katie and Matt,I don't really ever let my kids just sleep until they wake up. I often wake Kaitlyn up still who is 2.5. If your daughter consistently wants a longer nap in the afternoon, you could just plan on her sleeping 30 extra minutes and make that your new schedule 🙂


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