Poll Results: What was the average length of naps for baby ages 5-6 weeks? (approximate)


45 minutes or less: 13 votes (9%)
1 hour: 17 votes (12%)
1 hour 15 minutes: 13 votes (9%)
1.5 hours: 35 votes (25%)
1 hour 45 minutes: 14 votes (10%)
2 hours: 36 votes (25%)
More than 2 hours: 12 votes (8%)
Baby basically didn’t nap: 0 votes (0%)

Total of 140 votes

5 thoughts on “Poll Results: What was the average length of naps for baby ages 5-6 weeks? (approximate)”

  1. This is unrelated but a couple of us have left comments under a bedtime post from May 29. I realize it take a few days to respond but I wasn’t sure if you were getting notifications of these since it’s such an old post. Thanks

  2. I hope Im not confusing you with someone else but I THINK you mentioned a while back that your lo’s shared a room at some point. Unless the children have the exact same sleep schedule (which I know your’s didn’t) I would think this can come with some challenges. I was wondering if you would mind sharing any tips you might have on that. Thanks!

  3. Kelly, I am not getting any notifications for any posts. I try to catch all I can, but it is obviously a very difficult thing for me to hunt through the blog looking for new comments 🙂 I will go check it out.

  4. Izzysmama, definitely not me. My kids each have their own room, and I plan on baby #3 having his own room also. If my kids shared, I would 1. stagger bedtime (so one goes to bed then about 30 minutes other the next one does) and 2. not nap them in the same room. I would find different rooms for them to nap in if possible (for example, one could nap in mom and dads room).

  5. Thank you for writting your blog, I am finding it so helpful wiht how much details you go into with alot of topics :)My baby is 5.5 weeks old, her routine is: 7am, 10, 1, 3.30, 6, 8.30, 11pm, 3am.She sleeps fantastically during the night and since she has been home has only had 1 or 2 slightly fussy nights.She also sleeps great after her 7am feed and 10am feed but then for the rest of the days naps up until 11 she will only sleep for about an hour max she doest wake early she just takes a really long time to fall asleep, she sometimes cries but most of the time just lies there awake. she has about 45-60 mins wake time including feeding. her witching hour is after the 8.30 feed without fail every night :(thank you 🙂


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