Poll Results: What was baby’s independent playtime length for 0-3 months?


None: 31 votes (8%)

5-10 minutes: 187 votes (50%)

10-20 minutes: 152 (41%)

Total of 370 votes


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4 thoughts on “Poll Results: What was baby’s independent playtime length for 0-3 months?”

  1. I am so happy to find this blog! I am a mother of 3 and have followed BW for all 3 kids. My question is for my newest baby. He has thrown me for a loop. He is 12 weeks old and I have been having issues with his sleeping and eating patterns. I am exclusively nursing him and he is on a 3 hour schedule (for the most part). After reading your posts on waking early from naps I think I have figured out that he is over tired and having to much wake time. Really my 2 issues are..1) he is waking around the 45 min mark in most of his naps and sometimes settling himself back to sleep. Sometimes not. When he does settle himself for the rest of his nap he fussing on and off until his next feeding (about every 20 mins) Is this because he is hungry or because he is over tired??2)His feeding is odd and I can't break the cycle. I know that a tired baby doesn't eat well and and hungry baby doesn't sleep well. So to break the bad cycle is the hard part!!!! I am very frustrated because I think that I am on the road to recovery with the to much wake time problem and napping issue. My feeding issue is I can't get him to nurse for more than 5 mins on each side! Sometimes he is only eating for 8 mins total! He is not falling asleep on the breast, he is just refusing it. Arching his back and crying. I am burping him often and giving him a 5 min break and then trying again. He is still refusing it?? HELP I am going to pull my hair out, cause he is stuck.Sorry this post is all over the place, as you can tell I am very frustrated! Any advice is accepted and needed. Thanks

  2. Hey Val,How did you get your kiddies to drink milk with their meals instead of as a whole separate bottle/event. My 12 month old still wants to drink all of her bottle at once. I don't know how to teach her to drink a little bit at a time. Thanks

  3. chefhsm,1) a growth spurt is always possible. With my youngest, my policy was that I would always feed her when she woke early. We never had an extended session of 45 minute nap problems, and I think that is the reason.2)that is extrememly common for the 12 week old. So weird. Hopefully he is over it by now. If not, he might just be done after five minutes. My second child was very fast and took a few minutes to eat on each side at that age.

  4. roberjen,I didn't ever try to force it out of them. If she drinks all of her milk up front, then just give her water to go with her meal. At 12 months, milk is still very important. She should just transition naturally. If it were me, I would much rather she drink it all up front than drink it here and there during the meal and end up not drinking it all.


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