Poll Results: What was/is baby’s approximate optimal waketime length for 7-8 months? (includes feeding time)


60-75 minutes: 4 votes (3%)
75-90 minutes: 9 votes (6%)
1.5-1.75 hours: 15 votes (9%)
1.75-2 hours: 33 votes (21%)
2-2.25 hours: 49 votes (30%)
2.25-2.5 hours: 23 votes (14%)
2.5 hours or more: 28 votes (17%)

Total of 161 votes

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6 thoughts on “Poll Results: What was/is baby’s approximate optimal waketime length for 7-8 months? (includes feeding time)”

  1. Val, can I ask how long Kaitlyn’s waketime at 15 months? I know she is a sleepy head like Lucas, but this poll really has me questioning his waketime. He is 15 months and is only awake for an hour and 45 minutes before both of his naps. He does seem tired. He will stare off into space and rub his eyes. But sometimes he struggles a bit before going down. I have thought about lengthening it to 2 hours, but if most babies were over 2 hours at 7-8 months, we are way off! Is he just a sleepy baby? Could this have to do with the fact that he has such a long waketime before bed? It’s usually 5 hours between waking up from his afternoon nap and bedtime. But we are usually on the go, so he does fine. Some days, I put him down for a third nap still. Am I doing something wrong? Or is he just a sleepy baby?

  2. I need help! I have a 13 mth old that has not napped well since he started walking at 11 mths. I have read and tried everything I can find on this site. Including dropping his a.m. nap (I know it was too early but I was desperate). He takes an hour, sometimes 2, to fall asleep for his am nap and if I let him sleep more than 40 min. he won’t fall asleep for his pm nap. His schedule we had before all the trouble was he would wake in the morning at 7:30, nap from 10-11:30 then 2-3:30 and that worked great. I kept a log to find another pattern and found that he most often fell asleep around 10:30 but the pm nap never fell into place. So I put him down at 10:30 and he’ll play for 1 hour or more. His crib is completely empty and I don’t even put socks on him cause he takes them off and plays with those. I can’t keep him up much longer than 10:30 if we are home because he is SO FUSSY! Sometimes after the hour of being in his crib he’ll then lay down on his own and others I have to help him. IF by chance he does fall asleep easily he wakes 10 mins. later from having a bowel movement and I have to start all over. I guess my 2 questions are: 1) is there a way to change his bowel movement schedule so it stops interfering with his nap schedule?2)How do I get him to fall asleep without taking an hour or more?

  3. Maureen, 15 months, she was over two hours for waketime. It was about 2 hours 15 minutes. Maybe a bit more. If he can do 5 hours later in the day, then my guess is he can do longer earlier in the day. Kaitlyn’s naps were spread out such that the last waketime was only about 3 hours. A third nap at that age is really uncommon. My guess is he only would need it because of the 5 hours. If he had longer waketimes earlier, naps would end later and the last waketime wouldn’t be so long. I think I would try to do that and get that third nap gone for good. He is only 7 months away from the oldest babies usually drop the morning nap (and a couple of months away from when most drop the morning nap).

  4. lauriella,He could be overly tired by 10:30–reached his “second wind.” I think I would go back to putting him down at 10 and see if he will go back to falling asleep at 10:30.1-No, there isn’t anything I know of to change that.2-Try first going back to 10 AM. Then go in after a certain length of time, lay him down, and tell him it is time to sleep. The other day Kaitlyn was up for an hour after I put her down, which was so weird. I walked in, put her down, and told her it was not time to play but time to go to sleep. She went right to sleep after that.

  5. My son is now 9 months old but it doesn’t look like you have a poll for waketimes in this age range yet. It looks like his optimal waketime right now has just increased to 2.5 hours. My question is, as they’re waketime starts increase are they then taking shorter naps to accommodate the feeding schedule? He eats every four hours, but as he’s awake longer, I have to wake him from his nap to feed him on schedule. I’m wondering if I should let him sleep longer and maybe feed every 4.5 hours. But then then dinner time and the last feeding become so close together. I’m not sure if they are supposed to be taking shorter naps as their waketime increases. What will happen when his waketime increases even more and he is still on 2 naps a day? I don’t know why I’m so confused about this!

  6. There is one for 8-9 months:http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2009/01/poll-results-what-wasis-babys_20.htmlI will be continuing these next.As waketime increases, you will move more to aligning meals with the family and having three meals a day instead of 4. This is a hard call. He is probably a little ahead of his time to be doing such long waketime at this age. If it were me, I would do 2 hours so there could be a 2 hour nap unless baby just wouldn’t sleep after only 2 hours.Another option would be to let him have one 4.5 hour interval so he can have one longer nap a day. But if you did 4.5/4.5/3 hours, he might be okay. I think both of mine would have done just fine with 3 hours between the last two feedings. See the sample schedules for ideas on what I did. Good luck deciding!


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