Poll Results: When you stopped swaddling baby, was there a period of crying/fussing (no matter the length of time)?



Yes: 84 votes (34%)
No: 166 votes (66%)

Total of 250 votes


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14 thoughts on “Poll Results: When you stopped swaddling baby, was there a period of crying/fussing (no matter the length of time)?”

  1. I have a four month old daughter, and we had to stop swaddling because she kept breaking out of the swaddle… a friend recommended the "baby merlin's magic sleep suit" (google it!) and we got it yesterday. It is a miracle-worker!! I would recommend it to anyone who is having sleep problems and extra night-waking!

  2. Hi,My daughter is 6.5 months old and still relies on being swaddled to fall asleep. We swaddle just one arm during the day to try and wean her off swaddling and she seems to be going ok. Though she often pulls her dummy out of her mouth then cries or spends ages staring at her fingers!! She is strong enough to get out of the swaddle during the night and often wakes up crying and unswaddled.Any other tips on how I wean her off at night? I'm not game to yet as she still isn't sleeping through the night. But I'm worried she's getting too old to swaddle…..Jodie

  3. The magic sleep suit works like a swaddle in that it muffles your baby's movements and helps soothe them to sleep. But they can't break out of it like a swaddle! If weaning from the swaddle really doesn't go well, you could try the suit! It has ended up working even better for my daughter than the swaddle ever did.

  4. Any thoughts on what age we should stop waddling baby? I wanted to get her unswaddled before she goes to day care but that may not be possible…..

  5. Our baby is 4 months old and NEEDS to be swaddled to go to sleep. He is getting to big for all of his swaddles, so I was looking at the sleep suit, but don't really understand how it works. What is it about the sleep suit that helps to minimize the startling and acts like swaddling for bigger babies? Thanks!

  6. Jodie, it can take time for some babies. You just have to hang in there. If she likes being swaddled, you don't HAVE to break it unless it is becoming a safety issue. As for age…it just depends on baby. Some say 3 months, but not all babies are ready by 3 months. At 6.5 months, a baby with no health issues should be able to sleep with out the swaddle without worry about reflexes messing up sleep.

  7. Looking for anyone's advice! My 5 month old is still swaddled, but is now waking at night (usually a 12 hour straight sleeper) because she has wiggled her arms out and it wakes her up–last night 3 times!!! We have decided to start dropping the swaddle (especially since she is rolling over), but our first attempt this evening was a failure! Put her in a sleeper sack, she went to bed and woke 45 mins into bedtime wailing. Waited for roughly 10 minutes before going in and deciding to swaddle her up again. So my question is this: do I just try and drop the swaddle cold-turkey again, or should I allow her to wiggle her arms out and then let herself put her back to sleep (thus basically helping her to sleep without the arms swaddled) I'm really concerned and I'm really wondering what I do. I am OK with CIO, but I'm not sure what avenue to take?

  8. Our son still is swaddled most of the time and he is 5.5 months. We have been working on getting him to go to sleep on his own, which he was starting to do really well at for naps and first thing at night, but now he is rolling over in his swaddle, so we have tried to let him sleep unswaddled. Some stretches are good, others he wakes up after an hour or so. I think he is just going to have to get used to sleeping unswaddled and going to sleep unswaddled because we can't have him rolling over without his arms out! It has been frustrating but we figure that eventually he is going to have to sleep unswaddled, so we better start practicing now that it is dangerous for him to be swaddled if he is rolling over.

  9. Hey Val–no worries! We tried the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit and she sleeps her 12 hours from 7 to 7no problem—that thing is a miracle worker!!! Transitioned from swaddler to the suit with no problems!As a side note, any moms having this similar issue, I would say to try the sleep suit…Great product, and amazing company and customer service—we had a manufacturing problem with one of ours and they sent a new one, paid for the return and gave us a 10% discount…So great!


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