Poll Results: When your toddler first went to one nap a day, what time did naptime start?


11:00-11:30: 23 votes (12%)
11:30-12:00: 40 votes (20%)
12:00-12:30: 41 votes (21%)
12:30-1:00: 47 votes (24%)
1:00-1:30: 32 votes (16%)
1:30-2:00: 8 votes (4%)
2:00 or later: 8 votes (4%)

Total of 199 votes


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4 thoughts on “Poll Results: When your toddler first went to one nap a day, what time did naptime start?”

  1. Did you have to start it earlier, like around 11:30-12 and gradually move it back to 1 or so? We just dropped the morning nap 2 days ago (my son is a week shy of 15 months old) and I have been putting him to bed at 11:45 and he's only sleeping 2 hours. Hoping he'll eventually sleep 3–any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. We started putting our ds (who was about 15 months old when he dropped his morning nap)down for his nap around 11:30 and he slept for 2 hours. Then he was in bed by 6:30pm. This lasted about a week and then we gradually moved it forward to 1:00pm. And he did eventually stretch it out to 3 hours. We would move the nap by about 15 mins. every three or four days. So it took a few weeks, but eventually it got there. Good luck!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we also moved the bedtime back as we moved the nap. I think the key is to keep the bedtime early until you start to move the nap!

  4. Some people do start early. I never have, but I wait until my kids can make it to 1 and still take a good nap. I would imagine that the younger you move to one nap, the more likely you will need to move it up.And I think Janelle has an excellent point about moving bedtime up. Very good idea.


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