Poll Results: Will you be getting a flu shot for your child(ren) this year?


Yes: 246 votes (50%)
No: 207 votes (42%)
Undecided: 36 votes (7%)

Total of 489 votes


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2 thoughts on “Poll Results: Will you be getting a flu shot for your child(ren) this year?”

  1. I don't mean to be judgemental but I'm perplexed by this. The influenza vaccine is very safe and very effective. Why would you want to risk your child getting the flu? (I'm a pharmacist) I'm truly curious.

  2. My personal opinion…Getting the flu isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm not sure it's something that we always need to "protect" against. Do I want my son to get sick? Absolutely not. However, the flu vac doesn't 100% ensure that we don't get the flu, and it introduces foreign things into our bodies that don't need to be there (often causing a lesser flu-like sickness after getting it). I do selective vaccines, only giving the ones that I think would be "devastating" to get the actual disease of. Influenza doesn't fall in the "devastating" category for me (along with chicken pox, rotovirus, etc.)


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