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3 thoughts on “Poll Results: WOULD YOU USE A CARSEAT THAT HAS EXPIRED?”

  1. I did not participate int he poll, but my short annwer is Yes!Opinions rather than facts tend to dominate this carseat expiration subject. I wrote a blog post a while back titled Do Child Safety Seats Expire?. One point that I learned in my research was that many “convertible” car seats are sold touting that they can be used for 5-35 lbs rear facing and from 20-50 lbs forward facing. Those seats would need to be replaced before one child outgrew them if they were to expire in five or six years. As an example an average boy (based on CDC growth charts) will not reach 50 lbs until about 7 years of age so a seat with a five year expiration would need to be replaced before the child reached the max weight if you strictly follow the expiration date.

  2. NO. My husband is often skeptical on issues such as this one, but to him, the car seat expiration issue is a no-brainer. He's a mechanical engineer, and the nature of his job as a product designer means that he has to be a bit of an expert on materials and their strengths. He WILL NOT let us use a carseat that has expired. Plastics degrade with use, time, and heat exposure. An expiration date means that the engineers who designed the product do not feel that it is safe anymore, due to those factors. And carseats do sit in hot cars all the time.

  3. @Hank, some car seat manufacturers recognize this. I have been looking for one that will allow my daughter to stay rear facing as long as possible. This one will go 45 pounds and has a 10 year life – http://dionocarseats.com/p-145769-diono-radian-r120-convertible-car-seat.aspx


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