Pooping on the Potty II


Brayden had a hard time learning to poop on the potty at first. Once we got it figured out, I created a post with pooping tips (see Pooping in the Potty : http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/07/pooping-in-potty.html). Now, several months later, I have more thoughts on the topic.

We easily moved away from rewards for pooping and peeing. It wasn’t something we had to systematically work at, it just sort of happened without protest from Brayden. While we trained him on a small potty chair his size (he did much better with that; I think it was because it was less intimidating and he could relax on it rather than try to keep his balance), he soon wanted to go on the big potty. He often, however, still pooped on his small potty.

As I am really queasy right now, I didn’t love dumping poop out of the small potty and cleaning it up each day. It is better than changing a poopy diaper, but still a bit too much for me. I decided to encourage him to poop on the big potty instead of the little potty. I told him it was okay to poop in the little potty if he wanted or needed to, but if he pooped in the big potty he would get treats for it.

Since that day, he has always pooped in the big potty and not his little one. However, some days he goes every other day between pooping. He usually goes every day. As he is getting used to something new with the potty, he reverts back to pooping other day. Then, as he becomes more comfortable with the situation, he gets on a consistent and regular schedule.

If your child has (or had) difficulty pooping on the potty, be prepared for similar set backs when you change things up. When you travel, see what you can do to keep things consistent for him. If he always goes in a potty chair, take it along if you can. If/when you change a situation at home, expect some set backs but he should bounce back faster than he got there in the first place.

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