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Poppet Baby Wear is a line based out of New Zealand available through ShoppingMoa.com. This site complies the best of baby products made in New Zealand and compiles them for your shopping convenience! You purchase through Amazon, which means you get not only their gaurentees, but their free shipping on orders over $25.00. From what I have heard, getting something shipped for free from New Zealand is a good deal.


ShoppingMoa sent me a sample of their Poppet Baby Wear (as pictured above). It is made from merino wool and is very soft. The site explains that it can be worn in warm or cool weather. It explains:

Evolution has endowed the merino sheep of New Zealand with an amazing wool fiber that scientists cannot replicate. No artificial fabric can match the all-round performance of merino; it insulates, absorbs moisture and breathes superbly, is naturally fire resistant, itch-free, repels stains and odors, and is silky-soft yet highly durable.
The superfine natural merino fabric is luxuriously soft, allergy-safe, and readily absorbs and releases moisture to create the perfect safe micro-climate around your baby’s body in any season.
Nursery room temperatures can fluctuate and a baby often wakes either too hot or too cold because they take time to develop the full capability to regulate their own body temperature. Merino fabric has the remarkable natural ability to cool or warm your baby’s body, regulating their body temperature to keep them cozy without overheating. The way this works is the merino fabric captures and circulates air to insulate baby when the room temperature falls, and releases excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises. Baby stays warm and dry through night and day without overheating.

I think that is awesome. I know with my babies, I always was fighting the ever-changing temperatures of not only the season, but that fluctuated in the day. They also make swaddle blankets out of this material…I think that would be fabulous.

Check them out!


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  1. Harmony
    January 12, 2012 / 7:19 AM

    Since NZ readers were #6 on your stats, can we get it shipped free to us too?? 🙂 Merino products are completely awesome by the way!

  2. Plowmanators
    January 25, 2012 / 11:12 PM

    I am excited to try the Merino wool! Can you use Amazon's free shipping? If so, then I am sure you could get the free shipping also!

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