Product Review: Cansolidator

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Item: Food Storage System

Company: Shelf Reliance
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I received a sample Cansolidator to review so I could tell you about it. All opinions are my own. 

This product review comes right at the perfect time during our emergency preparedness discussions. Our next topic will be food storage. One of the biggest challenges with food storage is space for all of that food. Shelf Reliance has several systems that solve that. One of their best selling is the Cansolidator.

Here is a snippit about the start of this company:

Jason & Lindsay Budge became acquainted with Steve & Amy Palmer while attending college. Though they didn’t immediately realize the devout friendship and enduring partnership they would form, they both felt the need and responsibility to prepare their families for the future. The two families have always believed that the keys to happiness are the pursuit of self reliance and the proper balance of life’s priorities, including a sound education, healthy diet, physical fitness, financial independence, devotion to family, and faith in God. However, there was a key component missing in their goal to be self reliant: an adequate supply of food and provisions to prepare their families for unforeseen hardships or emergencies. The problem? They didn’t know where to start, what to store, or how to rotate and use a long term food supply. To read more, go here.

I love Shelf Reliance products. Now, these are not only useful for long-term food storage use, but also for your cupboard or pantry. Cansolidator comes in a pantry size, a cupboard size, and a pantry plus size. These not only organize your cans, but keep them rotated for you. You take from the bottom and add to the top.

If you have a lot of cans to store, they have the solution for that, too. Around here, families would build can rotation systems in their cold storage rooms out of wood. When my husband and I first got married, he talked about doing that some day. If you go to the history of the company page and read more, you will find they started the company in 2004. In 2006, my parents built a house that was in a home show and they were given one of these to display:

Yeah, I’m jealous. But the wonderful thing is that someday I can get one of those and my husband has one less project to work on!

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