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Item: Labeling System

Company: Oliver’s Labels
Contact: 1-800-398-2060

I am one of those people who likes to keep track of everything. I am coming to realize this is a bit strange, but I can tell you if we are missing a toy, and I can tell you if a toy in my house is not ours. I thought this was normal, but my friends are telling me I am strange :). 

So, not everyone on the planet has the same head-tracking method that I do, and this “not everyone” very likely might include my children. They aren’t to the point of really wandering anywhere without me, but Brayden will start Kindergarten in a couple of weeks (ACK!), so the ability to label certain items might be helpful. To my sanity.

Oliver’s Labels contacted me about reviewing their labels. Sounded great to me!

This company has a great story. Here it is:

Hello! I’m Debbie, owner of Oliver’s Labels. Oliver, my sister Marla’s son, is my inspiration for my business.


When Ollie was young, Marla lived in New York City with her husband. When I would come to visit, Marla and I would go exploring the city by foot, with Ollie in his stroller. Like any young child, Ollie just loved to wiggle out of his shoes and toss them out the side of the stroller. Fortunately, we would usually notice soon enough, retrace our steps, and find his tiny shoe somewhere on the sidewalk. I knew there would be a time when we would not be so lucky.



That’s when I got the idea to make some simple, homemade labels with Ollie’s name and phone number on them. I stuck them on his bottle, inside his shoes, and on anything else Ollie decided he was bringing with him that day.

One day when I was back in my hometown (Toronto, Canada), I got a very excited phone call from Marla. “You will never believe what happened!” she exclaimed. It turned out that as usual, on one of their excursions, Oliver had managed to maneuver out of one of his brand new Nike runners. Marla was so disappointed, having only discovered it missing once they got home. Later that day a woman from the Bronx called saying that she had found the shoe! The shoe was returned and I was so delighted that my labels worked! Marla was so delighted at having saved a $60 pair of shoes!

By the time that Oliver started daycare, attending class with 15 other children, I started thinking about my labels again. This time, I used my 6 years of experience in the printing industry to design a label that would be both waterproof and beautiful. I then came up with the Found-it Tracking System™ to avoid sharing personal information (like a phone number) with strangers. Marla put them on his water bottle, books, and of course his shoes. His stuff always comes home with him. His teachers appreciate the time they save, always knowing what belongings are his. And Ollie’s classmates’ parents started to ask Marla where they could get these same labels, both for their own children, and as birthday gifts for their children’s friends.

And so, my business was born.

So how does it work? Simply put, you go to the website, you choose the type of label you want, you provide the information you want, and they send you the labels. You then apply the labels to the products. 

You can put labels on school supplies, sippy cups, pencils, scissors, tooth brushes, shoes, clothing, the child (in the form of a wristband), luggage…they even have labels you can put on your things in the kitchen if you don’t like to mix what you touch with stuff. 

They have a system called “Found It.” If someone finds your item, they will see a label with whatever you chose for it to say. It also says, “If found, visit” Your label has a code on it that the person enters, then Oliver’s Labels contacts you. This way you don’t have to share personal information on your label. And it is free! This is optional; you don’t have to use Found It. 

They also have fun designs, from sports and dinosaurs to butterflies and nature. They also have patterned labels with things like camo or polka dots, of simple colors.

You can also get labels with things that say, “no nuts” or “no dairy” etc. to help protect a child with allergies. There are also labels that are for adults. 

Today, Oliver’s Labels is offering you a 10% discount on your order. Enter the code OLIVERSFRIENDS. 

Happy shopping!


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  1. Nikki
    August 22, 2010 / 4:16 AM

    Love this idea! Valerie, I totally share your "strangeness" 🙂 Is it not normal to feel joy after searching the house every day for the one misplaced puzzle piece/toy/shoe etc.? Currently I am missing 3 articles of clothing and have a sad feeling my 17 month old decided to "help" and put them in the garbage one day! I may just be placing an order soon :)-Nikki

  2. Plowmanators
    August 30, 2010 / 9:19 PM

    Nikki, I am looking even more forward to these because the school wants his name written on EVERYTHING he takes to school–down to shoes. So this will all be great for that. I will be needing to order more 🙂

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