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It’s cold season again. Cold season is no fun.


When Brayden was a baby, that was “back in the day” when infant cold medicine was still around. Let me tell you, it worked really well. But that is all ancient history.


I honestly worried about having a baby with a cold after the medicine got taken off the market. I don’t like giving medicine frequently, but if it was needed for a cold, I have no problems with it. So what was I going to do for a baby when she got sick now? I couldn’t blow her nose for her. I can suck her nose, but you aren’t supposed to do that more than once a day at most. We all know colds require more than one “nose-blow” a day. Luckily, people are ingenuitive and ever coming up with new ways to help us out in every way of life, including when we get colds.


Enter SinuCleanse. SinuCleanse was developed by a pediatric ENT specifically for use with infants and young children. Pictured above is the Kids Mist (they also make products for adults).


Saline wash seems to be the winner when choosing something to fight off colds or allergies. But of course, not all saline is created equal. So what sets SinuCleanse apart?


Kids Mist features an easy-to-aim nozzle that that dispenses a fine mist of a pre-measured dose of saline solution and does not need to be inserted into the nostril. It also has an anti-backwash valve to prevent contamination and is dishwasher safe so that it can be thoroughly cleaned. Kids Mist comes with pre-measured doses of 100% natural, preservative free saline solution containing no Benzalkonium Chloride.


And how does it work?


Nasal Saline Spray used several times a day will assist in the natural function of the nose and sinuses by keeping nasal mucus THIN and FLOWING, rather than THICK and STICKY.


We received this product to test at the end of summer, and of course we had to wait a month before anyone got a cold. Then it came and I was excited! Now I could try this out! Then I remembered what a cold was like and was not excited.


The kids handled it well. There was no gasping for air afterward like usually happens with saline drops. I decided I had better try it out myself and was really surprised that it eased my stuffy nose for several hours. That was great!


SinuCleanse can be purchased in many locations, including Wallgreens and


But it is always nice to try a product yourself before you become a frequent shopper right? So one lucky winner will win their own SinuCleanse Kids Mist to try out! Not the most glamorous prize ever, but definitely practical and helpful. So what are you waiting for? Start entering:



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  • Once the winner is announced, you will have one week to contact me or another winner will be chosen. Be sure to check back. The only thing worse than not winning is to win but not realize it in time!



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    So funny to me that this was your blog I woke to reading, I have this on my list to go buy TODAY!! But I have a question. Why is it and who has said that you can only do the nasal suction once a day? The reason I ask is b/c my pediatrician said just, saline and suction, saline and suction, saline and suction……She says that's all we can do and said to do it often. Several times a day I assume. Just wanting to do more research on it now, but I was curious as to info everyone else had.Thanks for the review and I'm excited to get mine for Will now! :-)Thanks!!

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    I follow your blog. I am curious if you do not have to insert this contraption into the nose then how does it work? I have never used saline drops on my 18 month old & he currently has his 6th snotty nose this year….its always a sinus infection. Glad to know the kids tolerate this device well. I suction Carter's nose about 6-8 times a day w/bulb syringe to help him breathe along w/a decongestant. Is this wrong?

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  40. Plowmanators
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    Erica, the reason for the once a day is that it can damage the fine membranes in the nose if done too much. It can cause bleeding if you do it too often.

  41. Plowmanators
    December 6, 2010 / 9:03 PM

    LaChelle,I would talk to your pedi about the suctioning. I have always heard not to suction too often. I put it up the nose a little bit…I don't know how you would get it in the nose without putting it in the nose…but it doesn't go up far at all. No farther than a little finger could get–just in that first nose section. So it isn't uncomfortable.

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