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amanda said…

I am recently trying to become a babywise mom with my 2month old. I am having trouble with his routine. Sometimes he sleeps through his 3 hour feed and goes 4 hours. Should I wake him, or should I try doing a 4 hour feed schedule? He sometimes sleeps at night at 9pm or 9:45 then wakes at 7 or 8 am. How do I get him to sleep wake and or should I wake him or let him sleep. He currently takes his naps in his swing during the day, should I try to get him to sleep in his swing? How long is too long to let him cry since he is only 2 months old? Thank s for your help…

December 29, 2008 1:13 PM Plowmanators said…

Amanda, definitely wake him to stay on your feeding schedule. He is too young for a 4 hour schedule at this point.

I am unclear with your second question. What do you mean by “sleep wake”?

For naps, I would definitely work on getting him out of his crib and into a bed. That is likely a reason he is sleeping so long.

For CIO, see this post:

CIO Bootcamp:

January 6, 2009 4:01 PM 

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  1. Hi Val, I know this isn't a NB question…but I'm not sure where to post…I have a question about my 7.5mo. She has been BW since day one and we love it. The last month has been really rough for us and I am feeling that something needs to shift in our schedule by I don't know what to change. She is a great eater, always had to cut her off from nursing at 30 mins, now more like 20 mins with the solids…except for new issue at 7:30 feeding, see below. She has STTN since 7 weeks with only about two nights of disruption from 7 weeks to 6 mos. Then her whole month from 6-7 has been full of disruptions…night hunger, teething, a cold with fever, night pooping, and just general awakeness at night. I'm not sure what the issue is, really, but more info is below. All of this has led to extreme fussiness from about 6-7 or whenever I can't stand it and nurse her each night (which she won't take a full feeding…just wants a minute or two) from a normally very happy girl. I've fed her in the night just 4 times over the past month, no more than once a night. I was thinking growth spurt but a month seems long. So now I'm wondering if all these issues are somehow connected to the evening eating issues? Our current schedule (since about 5 mos) is:7:30 nurse + solids9:15-11 nap11 nurse + solids12:05- 1:45 nap 2 bottle of BM (I work half days)3:30 – 4 short nap5 nurse + solidsSometimes a cat nap, not often7:30 nurseBed9:30 dream feedMy problems are:1) she has started barely eating at the 5 and 7:30 nursing times, but then gorging at the 9:30 DF. I have been wanting to drop that dream feed for a while, but she now wakes up hungry around that time because she won't eat at 7:30. I have tried everything I can think of and read about to get her to nurse longer at 7:30, but she's just not hungry. I don't know if I should try to drop the DF or try to drop the 7:30 or space out and do a 6 instead of a 5 and 7? But then I still have the DF.2) she can definitely go 4 hours and I have thought of switching to that schedule, but everything I have read makes it seem that you want to drop the DF first before other feedings…and since she has 6 feedings still I fear switching to 4 hours and trying to drop 2 at a time.3) she has never made it 12 hours at night without the DF. I've tried a few times and she wakes either at 9:30 or at around 11, very hungry. I don't know what else to do to drop that, or if I should?THank you!!!

  2. Hi, I have a newborn question regarding my 6-week old. We just started BW this week, but typically at night he will sleep 10-2, 230-5ish and then 530-7(when I wake him up to feed to start our day). He goes down fine forth e most part at night. During the day I am having a very difficult time with getting him to take naps in his crib. IF I do he only sleeps for about 30 min where in the swing or car seat he will sleep around 2 hours. Should I let him sleep in the swing to get all his rest? We have started to CIO but he will cry for 20 min. I go in after that to console but he will keep crying. How long should I leave him in his crib if he keeps crying?

  3. I am having the same trouble as Kristen. We have done BW woth our now 7 week old since day one, but have had trouble getting naps in without him waking up after about an hour since week 4 or so. Before that he napped all the time. When he wakes early from a nap up we CIO, but it never works. He falls asleep while eating too, but that is improving. We did BECAUSE with our now 3 year old and never ran into this problem.


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