Reader Questions Introduction


From time to time, I will be posting posts with questions from readers. These are questions that were asked on posts that didn’t relate to the post it was asked on. I know many readers benefit from reading other reader’s comments, so I thought I would put them into their own posts.

This way when you click on a blog label for a topic, you will see other questions from readers that apply to that topic that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Hopefully this will help people in their problem solving, even if it is just so they know they are not alone 🙂 Since summer is a big travel time, I thought I would start with traveling questions.


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2 thoughts on “Reader Questions Introduction”

  1. Val, I love you blog. I have been following it ever since my little guy was born. My son is now 9.5 months old. About a month and a half ago, we family moved from Maryland to Texas. We spent two weeks with my in-laws before we moved into our new home. We have been in our new home for about a month. My son seems to be going through some adjustment troubles due to teething (he cut 3 teeth recently), development (wonder week), new people, new environment, new climate, and separation anxiety. Sigh! He was sleeping about 11 hours at night and 4-4.5 hours during the day. He would go down well for all his naps and nighttime sleep. Suddenly, he is protesting going to bed at night, sometimes taking up to 2 hours to fall asleep while crying on and off. He is also waking earlier and earlier in the mornings (5am). He will play in his crib for over an hour and than start to wail. If I am lucky, he might fall back to sleep for about 30 min. I decided to do CIO again with him. I feel like we are starting from scratch with a newborn all over again. Do you happen to have any suggestions on sleep training with an older baby who has already been through the CIO process? Should I be handling this differently since he is having a hard time adjusting to his new home and a HUGE amount of separation anxiety? (I left this question under CIO as well)


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