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This is the place to share your religious blogs. Leave a comment with a link to your blog. You can also leave a short summary of what your blog is all about if desired. I will move your link and info up into the main body of this post.


Family Home Evening For Children


Christie said…

My blog is about training my two children in the Lord, including Bible lessons, funny short stories, and short devotions for moms! The blog is based on my book of the same title which will be released this fall.

Lauren said…

I started a blog about my daughter when she was born 9 weeks early. I guess its a family blog too. I blog about her, which often leads me to think about God too. So I guess it is both! 🙂

Chelsey said…

Hey! My blog is linked here. I do write about my family, but the underlying theme is the Lord, so I think this is the best place for it.

Becca said…

I am amazed at the lessons God teaches me simply by raising and watching my son as he grows. These are just some of my observations and lessons learned. I call it a Glimpse of Heaven.

Leigh said…

My blog is about my journey as a Christian, wife, and mom to my baby girl on the mission field in South Africa

The Cernas said…

My blog is about what I am learning as a missionary in El Salvador. I also include my ideas that help make our life excellent in a third world country, and little thoughts on motherhood.

Keri at Growing in His Glory said…
My website is called “Growing in His Glory” and it is a ministry I have started to help women “grow” to become the wives, mothers, and daughters of God we are called to be, giving all the glory to the Father.

Erin said…
Hi, my blog is about life as a wife and busy mom of two and the things that the Lord is teaching me about those things. With a focus on encouraging other women in their walks with God. It also has recipes on there for the busy mom that are easy, fast, tasty, and help your grocery bill stay low. 🙂

*Butler, Party of 2* said…
Butler, Party of 3 ( includes lessons I teach in a ladies’ Bible study as well as devotions. Love being able to share what the Lord

LaTessa said…
My blog is called Redeemed Ministry and it’s for those have dealt or are dealing with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, from a Christian perspective. It can also be used as a resource for husbands and loved ones of someone who is dealing with this, or just depression/anxiety in general. I just started it so it’s fairly new 🙂

Jessica said…
I’m a full time pastor and full time mom. I blog about the intersection between those two worlds at Reverend Mother.

Rhianna said…
Wasn’t sure where to put this… 🙂
Ministry Wife –

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1 thought on “Reader Religious Blogs”

  1. Hi everyone! I am a mother to a 14 month old boy and during his newborn days decided to start writing what God had been laying on my heart. I write about motherhood, wifehood and what it's like navigating those journeys with God as my Rock. I do write some mom tip and a few babywise articles every once an a while too! You can check out more about me and what I write at www.onlyaseason.comI am looking forward to meeting other writers lut there!


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