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I don’t know why it took me more than 2.5 years to come up with this idea, but I think it is a good one. I know readers access my sample schedules on this blog quite often as a guide. The inherent problem with that is that you are looking at 3 children, which might get frustrating if your child is not really similar to any of them. So I thought it would be a good idea to have a place for readers to post their sample schedules.

I don’t want you to post them on this post. In fact, I will turn commenting off. This post is just to inform you on what is going on. I will post a separate post following this one for:

  • Reader Sample Schedules: 0-12 Months
  • Reader Sample Schedules: 12-24 Months
  • Reader Sample Schedules: 2-4 Years Old
  • Reader Sample Schedules: 5-8 Years Old
  • Reade Sample Schedules: Tandem Schedules (how you manage two children)
  • Reader Sample Schedules: 3 Children or more

You can add these any time. As you comment, I will organize them into the main bod of the post. Hopefully this will help everyone out as they plan their own schedules.

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