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These are traveling questions posted by readers on posts that didn’t apply to traveling. I moved them here so others can benefit from them.

  • susie said… We are getting ready to travel to the beach with our daughter. We will be going this October when it isn’t soo hot and she will be 14 months. I worry about the 6 hour drive. She is a great sleeper and I thought I would travel at night, but I have never tried that and I don’t know how that will go. And too, most places don’t allow you to check in before lunch, so that affects the morning nap. Any suggestions?I love your blog. It has been really helpful to us!!!
    June 10, 2008 5:44 AM
    Plowmanators said… Susie,If it were me, I think I would stay home the night before and get the good night sleep. I would have the car all packed and ready to go so as soon as she woke you could get in the car and go. Then you would get to your hotel soon after check-in time. She might take her morning nap in the car, might not. But that way, you won’t disrupt night and morning nap. You will be in a better position for a good day. But neither of my kids will sleep in the car, so that is what I would do.If she does sleep in the car, you can drive in the night. If it is only 6 hours, though, I would worry about what to do in the middle of the night. If you left at 9 PM, you would arrive at 3 AM. Then what? An option would be to leave the evening before and get a hotel for that night, but just be checking in late. So say you left right after dinner around 6 or 7. You then would arrive around 12 or 1. Maybe baby would sleep on the way. But then you would all go to bed and have the hotel for the morning nap also.Lots of options! Be sure to check out the traveling posts:
    Dealing With Disruptions To Your Routine: Flying with a Baby : Traveling and CIO Traveling in a Car : Traveling With Baby:
    June 11, 2008 10:23 AM
  • twinsx3 said…
    First let me say congratulations on the girl! Also, I wanted you to know that this blog has been a blessing to me in the past year. Thanks for continuing it even when you are not feeling well. Now on to my questions! Thanksgiving travel with my 16 mo twins was horrible to say the least! The babies slept terrible at night and for naps. Once home, we are back to CIO because they both were basically in our bed almost every night while we were gone. 🙁 I am determined to help them learn to sleep better before Christmas travels. We also just went down to 1 nap this week since being home. How long should I let them get used to 1 nap before I start making them sleep in the pack n play in every room in my house! Seriously, how often should I change the location of naps to get them used to napping in different places. Also during Thanksgiving travel both pack n plays were in the same room as DH and I. Is there any way to for us all to sleep in the same room in our own beds?Thanks so much!
    December 4, 2008 12:41 PM
    Plowmanators said…
    Twinsx3, oh, that sounds rough. I haven’t ever had a child sleep in bed with me for that very reason–I think I would sleep on the floor first 🙂 I have a good friend who was very sick one night, as was her 1 year old. There was a thunder storm and it was making it so her daughter couldn’t sleep. She decided to take her to bed with her that night. She told me that was the biggest mistake. Not only did she not sleep well anyway because she was being kicked all night, but it took her daughter (who previously slept completely on her own with no problem) two full weeks of basic re-training. I would give them a week to get back on track before you start mixing things up again. Maybe two if needed. I don’t know if there is a magic number of how often to vary locations. I only have Kaitlyn sleep in her room or my room, so we have two locations. If you think your twins are less flexible, you might want to add a couple of locations if feasible.When you set up the pack n’ play, put blankets around it so they can’t see out. That is what I do for Kaitlyn, then we do the same when we travel. When we camped last summer, we were all in the same camper without problem. I assume you have looked, but if not be sure to look at all of the traveling posts for further ideas.
    December 5, 2008 12:14 PM


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5 thoughts on “Reader Traveling Questions”

  1. Traveling is something we're getting a lot of practice on in our family. Lots of great experiences and some not so good, all of which teach me lessons on how to improve next time. Your advice on leaving in the morning is great IMO. On our most recent trip we were travelling to Asia and the flight left at 6:30 am for the trip there. For the returning trip we left in the middle of the night, at 12:40 am. It was SO much harder because we were all tired to start out with, Caleb was ready for bed but wasn't gonna get one for over a day. By leaving early, we at least started the trip rested and I think Caleb just felt like the "day" was over when we finally arrived home even though it had actually been a day and a half. He was ready for bed that night, helping with jet lag too.BTW, I'm not sure how much yall travel, but I think a post on travel toys would be beneficial for a lot of parents out there, both for car and plane travel, and maybe even for the destination.

  2. My family is traveling to Europe next summer and our baby will be 9 and a hamonths old. Do you have any suggestions on combatting the jet lag she will experience?

  3. Meaghan, I don't have experience with that, but I can post it as a "help a reader out" question if you would like me to. Let me know.

  4. Valerie, my little girl normally takes naps really well when she's in her room at home and in her bassinet, but recently whenever we go anywhere and try to lay her down, she cries the entire time till I pick her up and hold her till she sleeps. She is 11 weeks old. How can we get her used to sleeping at other peoples places? We bring her bassinet so she has her bed, plus we darken the rooms and play her lullaby music. I'm really concerned because we have to take a trip to Alaska in a month and we will be up there for a month. I am afraid she won't sleep when we travel to Alaska and am not sure how to train her to sleep other places 🙁 Help!


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