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This is the place to share your business blogs. These are blogs that showcase a product you sell. Leave a comment with a link to your blog. You can also leave a short summary of what your blog is all about if desired. I will move your link and info up into the main body of this post. As a side note, I love to do giveaways on this blog. If you would like to do a giveaway here, check out my Advertising/Marketing page for more information.


A product to help newborns sleep better.


Linds said…

My business blog is:

I create custom blog designs for blogger blogs.

serra said…

This is the home of all pretty flowers which people use to create beautiful headbands, clips and such. Come smell the garden!

Janice said…

My blog is and is about my life as a city girl on a farm as well as my quilting. We raise chickens, turkeys, and lamb on pasture for local sale.

Heather Clark said…

My blog is

I teach music classes for ages 2 through adult. Classes include group and private instruction, from piano classes to voice to recorder classes and more!

Heather Clark said…

I also have a preschool!

The blog address is

Clark Care Preschool is a preschool program based in Albany, Oregon. Clark Care Preschool teaches children what they need to know to be a step ahead when they enter kindergarten by using their natural curiosity to learn basic principles through play. Clark Care Preschool curriculum includes reading readiness, math, science, history, arts and crafts, cooking, sign language, music and more!

Spencer-Roo Creations First Post! said…

I make Floral Hair Accessories!! Check out my blog!! It’s still a work in progress!! :o)

We are also on Facebook!!
Spencer-Roo Creations

Check us out!

Bethany said…
I sell wool dryer balls and crochet items!

Janice Schmidt said…
I work from home as a medical transcriptionist, and from time to time I share info on my career and how to get into it.

Elegant Tresses said…
I sell high quality, unique, comfortable hair clips, pins, sticks, and accessories! They don’t hurt your head and come in various sizes and styles that will actually stay in any hairtype!

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